CoMoney Rate Card

CoMoney Rate Card

Advertise on South Africa’s fastest-growing financial digital publication.

CoMoney is a South African digital publication that is purely focused and dedicated to finance content, specifically for credit, loans, and investment opportunities. We write and distribute content offering advise, tools, and entertaining finance-related content.

Our website is rapidly growing, and our current visitors exceed 30,000 users a month. We have a newsletter distribution database of 75,000 subscribers and increasing monthly at a rate of 10 to 15k users per month.

Due to our focus on one industry (finance), ads on our websites have a great return on investment with a CTR (click-through rate) of 8%.

Unique Monthly Views

30,000+ Unique Monthly Views

Newsletter Subscribers

75,000+ Newsletter Subscribers

Click Through Rate

8% CTR (Click Through Rate) on both Newsletter and Website

Our Advertising Solutions Include:

  • Banner Ad Advertising – Strategically placed banners on our website.
  • Sponsored Content – An SEO optimised article written by you, hosted on our website to rank high on Google over time.
  • Newsletter Distribution – An immediate solution to lead and traffic generation to your offering.
  • Direct Lead Generation – Best way to get names, telephone and emails of individuals interested in your product offering.

Advertising Rates:

Leaderboard (730X100) R300 Per 1000 Views
Square (250X250) R250 Per 1000 Views
Pop-under (720X300) R350 Per 1000 Views
Sponsored Content R3,500 Per 1 Article
Newsletter Distribution R4,500 Per 1 Article
100 Qualified Lead Generation R2,500 Per 100 contactable leads
Ad Placement

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