Vehicle Finance Calculator South Africa

Use our free vehicle finance calculator below for your affordability assessments.

South Africans use the calculator to most find out about their monthly installments for repaying the car.

It's always wiser to calculate repayment before taking out a personal loan, to better plan your monthly expenses like a pro.

The following calculator is easy to use and you’ll get a precise estimate on your loan repayment – very useful.

How to use our loan calculator

This calculator is very simple to use.

We've designed it to offer instant answers when you need them the most before making your loan application.

Update the amounts with the values you wish to go for, in terms of applying for the personal loan. As you update the values in the loan calculator, please take note of the totals as they change instantly as you type.

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Understanding the loan results

Monthly Payment: This is your estimated monthly installments for the loan amount you've entered. If you were expecting a lower monthly installment, you might want to recalculate with a longer repayment term. But there's a catch, the accrued total interests of your loan will also be higher.

Total Payment: This is the estimated total amount you'll have to pay back, with interests.

Total Interest: Based on the information you provided on the calculator, this is the total interest you're going to pay for the loan amount. Borrowers with a good credit score usually pay less interest than someone with bad credit.