As finance-savvy individuals, we have compiled some fascinating, understandable, yet professional ideas on how to boost your income during the festive season. Enjoy and consider these…

    10 Ways To Make Money During The December Holidays

    Are you residing in Mzansi and wondering how to make money during the December holidays? Well, the festive season just got better; here, you will find top ways to increase your income during the holidays without interfering with your family time. You will get various options, ranging from online gigs to lucrative pop-up sales opportunities around South Africa. So, let us dive right into these money-making ideas, shall we?

    1. Freelance Work

    December is the perfect time to turn your professional skills into freelance opportunities. Websites such as UpWork and Freelancer have thousands of jobs posted daily, suitable for South Africans with a knack for writing, programming, graphic design, and more.

    Tip: Showcase your portfolio on local South African Facebook groups to attract potential clients.

    2. Run a Pop-Up Stall

    Another way to make money during the December holidays is to utilise heavily crowded areas or markets over the holiday season to run a short-term stall. Whether it is food, crafts, or festive merchandise, this could potentially mean big bucks in your pocket.

    Pop Markets in Gauteng:
    • Friday Market @Hatfield Plaza – 01 Dec ’23

    • Kyalami Christmas Market – 02 Dec ’23

    • The Christmas Market: Mall of the South – 13 to 17 Dec ’23

    3. Personal Chef/Catering

    Do you have a knack for braais or making the best malva pudding? Make money during the December holidays by turning your culinary skills into a business by offering your services in offices and at family gatherings over the holiday season.

    Tip: Promote your services through community WhatsApp groups and local online forums

    4. Online Surveys

    Websites like Toluna and Valued Opinions allow users to make money from filling out online surveys—an easy online gig that can be done anywhere, anytime.

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    5. Rent out Your Property

    If you are spending the holidays away, consider renting out your property on Airbnb. It is a great way to make money during the December holidays by earning some passive income.

    Tip: Ensure your listing highlights unique aspects of your home and the local area.

    6. Home-Stay or Pet-Sitting

    Many people travel in December and prefer having someone stay at home and look after their pets. This is a great opportunity to earn some extra money.

    Tip: When setting prices for house or pet sitting clients, consider factors like the number of pets, the effort involved, and travel distance to their house. A fair daily rate ranges from R250 to R750.

    7. Tutoring Online

    For the academically inclined, online tutoring can be a reliable source of income. Companies like VIPKid are often in need of tutors.

    Tip: Join South African tutoring groups on Facebook to find clients and offer trial sessions.

    8. Sell Unwanted Items Online

    Platforms like OLX and Gumtree can be great for selling unwanted items. It is an excellent way to declutter while making some money.

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    9. Uber or Bolt Driver

    Driving for Uber or Bolt can be a lucrative way to earn extra money, particularly during the holiday season when demand is generally high.

    Tip: Keep your vehicle clean and offer exceptional service to get good ratings and more ride requests.

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    10. Part-Time Retail Work

    Many retailers seek part-time staff over the holiday period. This could be a great way to earn money whilst engaging with locals and tourists.

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    Opportunities to make money during the December holidays are many if you are willing to think creatively and work hard. Whether it is online freelancing, selling crafts at a pop-up stall, or renting out your property, you can generate significant income during the holiday season. So, let us make this December a prosperous one!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it easy to make money during the December holidays?

    With the right attitude, skills, and opportunities, making money during the December holidays can be simple and rewarding.

    How much can I expect to make?

    The amount you can make during the holidays significantly depends on the type and the amount of work you put into it. Whether online or offline, the more flexible you are, the better the income you can earn.

    Are these ideas applicable only to South Africans?

    Although this article focuses on South Africans, most of these money-making ideas can be applied in any country.



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