Absa Branch Code Universal

Want to make an EFT payment but don't know the Absa branch code you've opened your account at?

Don't worry, you can always use the Absa universal branch code.

The best part?

All the popular banks in South Africa utilize the system of universal branch codes to make banking simple and fast.

Let's figure out when would you want to use branch codes.

When to use the Absa branch code?

South Africans use branch codes for internet banking.

In fact, you cannot make payments without specifying branch codes.

If you wanted to transfer money into the Absa account, you'll need a branch code associated with that account.

However, the problem is that people don't know these codes. They don't treat them the same way as pin codes and passwords.

I've never heard anyone say they saved the Absa branch code in phones.

And that shouldn't be a problem anymore, you can use the universal branch codes. You don't have to get stuck making payment online because you don't know the code - NO.

As indicated above, the Absa universal branch code is 632 005.

The code applies to any Absa account you want to make payment into.

Your money will never be deposited into an account with wrong branch code. If that happens, your money might take a while to be processed.

But using the Absa branch code, your transaction will be processed much faster than expected.

Still struggling?

I know quite a few people that struggled using the universal branch code before.

Sometimes, the apps and web services have glitches which at that time wont process your transaction. It doesn't mean the code doesn't work, it'd just be temporarily unavailable.

Otherwise, you can find a specific branch by using the Absa branch locator page.

Search the area you opened your Absa account and get details of that branch.

If you need help with the Absa branch code, simply visit www.absa.co.za and contact Absa call centre today.