Ackermans is a well known retail store that offers not only affordable clothing for kids and adults but many other products customers love.

    They also provide financial solutions to help customers afford a lifestyle of choice.


    1. Store credit card
    2. Lay-by
    3. Money transfers
    4. Loans
    5. Bill payments

    So, if you want to advance your lifestyle with Ackermans financial solutions, this article is for you.

    Let’s get started.

    Store Credit Card

    Referred to as Ackermans account card, you can buy clothing and other products on credit. Very convenient for people who can’t afford to buy cash.

    The best part?

    You can use the card at Ackermans, Shoe City, Refinery, Dunns and John Craig stores.

    You’ll get statements via SMS or email, whichever one you prefer with this month’s installment and balance.

    Ackermans provide various ways of paying your accounts. You can pay in-store, via debit order, wire transfer, at any Nedbank, FNB or Standard Bank branch.

    Failure to paying your Ackermans accounts will result in penalties and a bad credit rating. If you can’t make your monthly installment with Ackermans, please call Card Collections on 0860 992 222 for arrangements.

    Applying for Ackermans card is simple, you can do it online – right now. You can also apply via SMS or in-store: simply SMS your first name*surname*RSA ID number*gross monthly income to 34413. Alternatively, apply in-store and have a consultant assist you with the process and documents.

    Terms and conditions apply.


    So you don’t enough money to purchase products that you like.

    Ackermans lay-by solutions
    may be exactly what you need right now. Secure your items with a deposit and pay the balance in three months.

    You only need to pay 10% of your total purchase to secure items.

    The best part?

    You could check your balance anytime by dialing *130*602# from your cell phone and creating your account.

    That’s it.

    Money Transfers

    You can send and withdraw money at any Ackermans store. You can send money nationwide and abroad.

    The money you send via Ackermans money transfer can be collected at any of these stores:

    You’ll a valid ID book and working cellphone number to send the money.


    Powered by Capfin loans, Ackermans gives you access to over R20 000 credit when you need the most.

    When you apply for personal loans at Ackermans, you’ll get instant approval and money in your bank within minutes.

    Interest rate is personalised to your needs, calculated based on your credit rating. So, you’ll never qualify for a loan you can’t afford.

    You can apply for Ackermans loans in-store or online at Capfin loans. And pay installments via debit order or every month at the store.

    You’ll need to provide the following to qualify:

    • Your SA Identification book or Smart ID
    • 3 latest payslips or 3 latest bank statements
    • Proof of income (Permanently employed)
    • A working cell phone number

    Bill Payments

    Ackermans gives you the ability to pay for various bill payments at the store for free.

    • Pay for Dstv and SABC subscriptions services
    • Travel payments: Intercape, Translux & City to City bus tickets
    • Municipal payments: Major municipalities
    • Debt collectors: Creditworx & Nimble Collection Services
    • Online order payments: Zando

    Ackermans Financial Solutions Contact Details

    So, you’re interested in one of the above mention financial solutions by Ackermans but still a bit hesitant about where to begin, no problem.

    Contact Ackermans on 0860 900 100 and speak to one of their friendly consultants.

    Alternatively, visit to read more information about the products.



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