African Brother Cash Loan Reviews | Located in Boksburg, Johannesburg

Need a loan, fast? African Brother Cash Loan would love to assist with an affordable personal loan. Blacklisted are welcome.

African Brother Cash Loan is a credit provider that helps people with fast-personal loans.

Are you struggling this month - financially? Does your money vanish every month with debit orders?

Worry no more, African Brother would love to your financial aid.

Blacklisted? No problem.

In fact, from experience, I know a very close friend with little to no credit record who got a cash loan from African Brother.

Here's more about African Brother Cash Loan

Before I tell you more about the company, let me give you a story of why African Brother do what they do.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to get a personal loan from banks or other popular credit providers.

They're very strict.

If you don't have some sort of credit in your name, you basically won’t have access to cash loans when you need it the most.

My friend wanted to urgently handle family responsibilities with immediate effect. None of the well-known lenders couldn't help.

But African Brother Cash Loan.


The company operate the business under compliance with the National Credit Act of 2005. They're a responsible lender.

They help South African citizens every day. When other credit providers cannot help you, African Brother can.

They helped my friend manage unforeseen expenses with ease and peace of mind.

Want to know why?

They don't just give loans like that, no, they study applicant's credit history and loan affordable amounts.

You're going to get a loan that is convenient for you. Loans are customised to your needs and financial expectations.

The best part?

You can spend the money as you please. Pay for children school fees, buy groceries for the month, fix a car to go to work, fix your home and so on - the choice is yours.

A quick advise...

... Never take a loan when it not necessary. Many people enjoy applying for loans but later struggle to pay back.

Don't be like them, be responsible. End of the day, it's your credit record that getting mixed up.

Don't forget to bring with you the following, to qualify:

  • ID or South African Identity Book.
  • Latest Payslip.
  • Recent banking statement not older than 3 months.
  • Proof of residence.

Get in touch

African Brother Cash Loan is located at 302 Commissioner St, Boksburg, Johannesburg, 1459.

Contact 079 677 6339 for more details about the loan, how they can help you secure your next loan when you're blacklisted.

Otherwise, visit them at their physical address and ask for further assistance.