Located in Johannesburg, Africash Loans specializes in credit solutions specifically designed for individual financial needs.

    If you’re around Alexandra township, Africash is just a few kilometers away from you – go get help.


    Everyone goes through financial challenges throughout their lives. Africash has its doors open just for you.

    Africash loans are available for anyone. They’re open for discussions to tailor the loan package just for you.

    About Africash Loans

    Africash Loans are unsecured credit solution tailored for specific financial needs. Loans aimed for addressing short-term financial challenges.

    The institution operates under full compliance with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and the Credit Act of 2005.

    Africash costing and fees are strictly regulated by NCR.

    They can never over charge consumers. They will never offer loan amount you cannot afford to pay back.

    Africash subjects each application to an affordability assessment. They use the results from the assessment to understand you credit history and current financial status.


    Because consumers are always advised to take loans only if necessary.

    Africash loans are very flexible. You can pay back the loans within flexible terms of your choice – whatever suits you.

    Loans are also offered at market related interest rates – but affordable.

    You can use the funds however you wish, Africash does not manage how you spend your money – the choice is yours.

    You can settle old debts, fix a car, pay for bills and so on.

    But before you apply, you will need some basic documents such the following:

    • ID Copy
    • Proof of banking (statement in your name)
    • Proof of income (payslips)
    • Proof of address

    The above requirements ensure Africash is dealing with a responsible adult.

    Africash Contact Details

    As discussed above, we can confirm how much cash loan they’re going to offer you, however you can talk to them on 011 885 2320.

    Africash is located in Kew, Johannesburg. Check for directions on Google Maps.



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