Atlas Finance offers personalised loans that suit your specific financial needs and expectations.

    Life is unpredictable, Atlas Finance Loans could help with unexpected expenses when you need money the most.

    Want to know the best part?

    Atlas Finance cash loans are unsecured, there’s no need to place your assets to qualify for the loan.

    Let me show what I mean by that.

    Getting The Atlas Finance Loans

    Atlas Finance is accessible through its branches all over the country. The business runs in full compliance with government credit regulations.

    They understand customer’s needs and have designed Atlas Finance loans to meet individual financial obligations.

    Applying for Atlas cash loans, you’ll have access to personalised credit up to R8 000. The loan will be provided based on your credit background, that’s how you’ll qualify.

    You’ll also get a customised interest rate. For example, if you’re a high risk or have a bad credit history, you might get a higher interest.

    The repayment period for Atlas loans is between one to six months. If you qualify for a higher loan amount and you won’t have that amount in 2 months, it would make sense to repay the loan in 6 months – would you agree?

    Once your loan application is processed successfully and approved, you’ll get the money the soonest.

    You can spend the money on anything you like. You can send your children to better schools, do major service on your car, renovate your home, and anything else you wish for.

    How to apply for Atlas Finance Loans

    There are two ways to apply for Atlas loans: in-branch and online.

    Walk into the Atlas Finance branch today and apply for the loan. Complete the form and submit the required documents to begin your loan application.

    The best part for apply at the branch is that you’ll a consultant by your side to help. If you don’t understand anything, they’ll be there to assist with the information.

    Secondly, you can apply online. This is the easiest option to apply for Atlas Finance loans.

    At the comfort of your own space, visit and complete the online application form. Scan your documents and upload them on the website.

    The best part, you don’t have to travel anywhere, no queues and walking around with personal documents. And you can apply anytime, anywhere.

    You’ll get instant approval when you apply online.

    That’s it.

    Oh, here are the documents that’ll be required for the application.

    • Copy of your ID
    • Recent payslips
    • Latest banking statements to which the salary reflects

    What if you’re blacklisted, would you qualify?

    As indicated above, Atlas Finance loans are unsecured credit based on your credit history.

    You might have been blacklisted because of job loss and many other reasons but have found a new permanent job.

    Those are some of the things Atlas is going to look at when you submit your banking statements and payslips.

    They’ll assess your affordability very carefully before granting you any loan. At the same time, they’ll be taking a risk in lending you money.

    So, yeah, you might qualify for Atlas Finance cash loans when you’re blacklisted.

    Atlas Finance Contact Details

    If you wish to continue applying for personal loans or rather find more information about the product, kindly direct your calls to 087 701 8665 and speak to a financial consultant.

    Alternatively, please visit their website at to apply online and read more.



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