An invoice is a summary of transactions between the customer and the seller for sales of goods or services. It showcases the total amount to be paid by the customer for the services or products rendered.

    An invoice includes all the necessary information (for transaction purposes) such as the clients and seller details, products/service description, quantity, VAT amount, rate, and the terms and conditions of the payment. Read more on what an invoice is, the different types of invoices, and how to create one.

    Online invoice makers are the best tools that have ever happened to make the transaction process much easier and more efficient for business owners and service providers.

    An invoice can be created using either Google Docs, Google Sheets, online invoice templates, or by using invoice software’s/applications.

    With that being said, in this article, in no particular order, we will be listing the best online invoice makers in South Africa that anyone can utilise.

    1. QuickBooks

    QuickBooks is one of the well-known online invoice generators. It was created to assist freelancers and small business owners to move away from the struggles of creating invoices through Microsoft Excel and Word.

    It offers a free easy and fast online invoicing system that allows users to create their own invoices by filling in their business details, uploading logos, and all other necessary information.

    They have an easy to follow 5 step guidelines that users can follow to succeed in using their invoice generator.

    2. Xero

    Xero is an online accounting software with tools for managing invoicing, bookkeeping, reconciliation, inventory, and more. It can be accessed from either mobile or a computer.

    Xero integrates over 1000 third-party apps which are mostly used by small businesses to streamline workflows and synchronize data such as sales invoices. Just to name a few they have PayPal, HubSpot, and Stripe.

    Xero will keep your accounting data safe ab secure while giving you access to your accounts anytime from anywhere.

    Their pricing starts from US$5,50/month which is about R76, but they do have a free invoice template that one can download by filling in the provided form on their site.

    With the template, you can just add the prices and quantities and the template will automatically do all the calculations for you.

    3. Sage

    The time of chasing after payments is over, Sage is created to make things easier for you, ensuring that you get paid quicker and ultimately improve your company’s cash flow.

    Sage is one of South Africa’s leading providers of accounting and invoicing software.

    Their online invoice software caters to medium or small business owners.

    With Sage invoicing software, you will have all your data in one place. You will be able to track your invoices, expenses, and more using a single simple solution.

    4. Refrens

    Refrens offers a free online invoice generator that allows one to generate unlimited invoices. They have multiple invoice templates that you can choose from, with the allowance to change colours, fonts, and headings.

    To have access to the free invoice functions, you will have to create an account.

    5. CoMoney

    CoMoney has a free easy to use invoice generator that allows users to create and download invoices/quotations in just 5 minutes using either your phone or laptop.

    This tool is specially created for you as a business owner to use, saving you time and money while you grow your business further.

    6. FreshBooks

    FreshBooks allows you to create professional invoices in just seconds and let you record expenses with ease, track your invoices, set up recurring billing, as well as create expenses, send late payment reminders, and account statements.

    Their pricing starts from R68,00 per month.

    7. Invoice Home

    Invoice Home has 100 free invoice templates that you can choose from, fill in and create your own required invoice.

    You can create, download, and email your invoices in PDF format.

    Interesting, if you don’t have a logo and would like to add one to your invoice, they have free professionally designed logos that you can choose from.

    You can create and download invoices from wherever you are using your phone. 

    8. Bitrix24

    You can easily organise your billing with Bitrix24 which is a free CRM system that offers free quotes and invoicing tools. This platform does not only give you unlimited quotes and invoices, but it also offers project management, communication, and task management tools.

    It caters to large and small businesses, keeping all client communications and billing in one safe place.

    You can be different with Bitrix24 by customising your invoices with just a few clicks.

    It works hand in hand with Xero and PayPal for online payments.

    9. InvoicesOnline

    Manage your business like a pro with InvoiceOnline. They are here to help you solve your invoicing recurring billing and client management needs.

    They have customizable professional invoices for professional businesses. You can add up to 10 custom fields and up to 5 custom line-item fields to your invoices, catering to all your exact requirements.

    10. SpeedInvoice

    Have your invoice maker in your pocket and get access to all information wherever you are with SpeedInvoice.

    With SpeedInvoice, you can quickly and easily generate a professional invoice which offers you the opportunity to market your business by adding your logo and signature to profile your company.

    You can print, email, and share an invoice through apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or SMS.

    As a business owner or service provider, it is very important to invest in an online invoice software that will work best for your business.

    Having the best billing solution in place will not only make things easier for you but, will also help you manage your cash flow better by generating accurate, electronic invoices always.

    All the above-mentioned online invoice makers have their own perks but, they all share a common goal which is to help businesses to invoice better and faster.

    Free yourself from all the admin time spend creating invoices and chasing payments by utilizing the available online invoice makers.



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