If you are looking for the best paid online surveys in South Africa, then you have come to the right place.

    We will provide you with all the information you need on these surveys so that you can decide if they are right for your needs.

    Online Surveys

    Paid online surveys are an effective way to make extra money while sitting at home. They are conducted by companies or organizations, and they pay you for your opinions. The best-paid online surveys in South Africa are those that pay you well but, they all take a lot of time and effort on your part.

    Not all online surveys are created equal. Some pay more than others, and some aren’t worth your time at all! If you want to get paid for your time and effort, it’s important to know which sites offer the best opportunities for making money with online surveys.

    Selecting the right survey site that actually pays can make a big difference, especially since you won’t qualify for every survey you see.

    Surveys for money have requirements that determine eligibility, usually based on demographic information and your personal habits, so you don’t want to waste time on a website that isn’t going to pay you.

    Below are 21 of the best paid online surveys in South Africa that you can register for and start making money today.

    21 Best Paid Online Surveys in South Africa

    1. Myiyo

    Myyiyo is a global company that offers online surveys and market research services. They have been around since 2004 and have grown to cater to a larger community of millions all over the world.

    Through Myyiyo, you can share your thoughts and assist businesses in making their products better. For each survey you successfully complete, they will pay you money as a way of saying thanks for your time and effort.

    The type and length of the survey determine the reward’s value. Longer surveys typically pay more.

    Payment is in Euros and takes 1 to 4 weeks to be processed. For your first payout, you need to collect 20,000 points (that’s € 20). You will need a PayPal account for the money to be paid into.

    2. SwitchedOn

    If you are interested in entertainment, current affairs, sport, and technology then SwitchedOn is your best bet.

    You will be rewarded with awesome prizes; cash, airtime, or your favourite shopping vouchers for just participating in their surveys and giving your honest opinion. You even get a bonus point for registering with them.

    3. Enlighten Panel 

    Enlighten offers you an opportunity to trade your opinions on various products, services, gadgets, society, and government for cash, gift vouchers, airtime, or donations to charity.

    One point earned is equivalent to R1.

    4. Survey Now

    With Survey Now you get immediate account activation and exposure to thousands of paid online surveys.

    All you have to do is sign up and be on the lookout for their weekly newsletter where their latest survey panels are announced.

    Their surveys are very short and for each completed survey you will be rewarded, the more surveys you do, the more you will earn.

    5. PrizeRebel

    PrizeRebel is a get-paid reward site wherein members are incentivised for completing various tasks.

    So how it works is you participate in a survey and earn points that can be redeemed for money via PayPal or gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, and iTunes.

    The system works pretty simple in that each point is worth roughly 1 penny, meaning you can earn bonus tiers where your points can be worth slightly more.

    Registration is free, and you can start taking the surveys immediately. After joining you will have instant access to thousands of online surveys that mostly requires your honest opinion.

    6. LifePoints

    With over 5,000,000 members, LifePoints is one of the top-paying and user-friendly sites for online surveys.

    It acts as a bridge that connects people’s habits and views with what the companies offer to consumers.

    Participating in their surveys means stating your opinions and views that work as an influence on brands across the globe and assist in shaping new products and services.

    In return for your contribution, LifePoints empower you to collect points that can always be redeemed for amazing rewards.

    7. SurveySavvy

    SurveySavvy is quite different from many survey sites as it allows cash out from as little as $1.

    You can make money by completing surveys and referring your friends to do the same. They offer surveys for you to participate in, but their main aim is centered around their app called SavvyConnect.

    A tool that allows market research firms to view data from you surfing the internet.

    This data is aggregated and provides an analysis of people’s behaviour online. This information is not sold off to other companies, and SavvyConnect uses it purely for research purposes.

    SurveySavvy also offers additional surveys exclusive to users.

    8. MindSwarms

    MindSwarms works with top brands in tech, advertising, retail, healthcare, entertainment, and other industries.

    It is incredibly unique as their surveys are video-based. It might not be ideal if you are camera shy, but they pay much more than many sites, so you might want to consider getting over your “video/camera phobia”.

    They pay $50 per survey which could take less than 20 minutes to complete. These must be the highest-paying survey per time spent.

    It gets even better as you get paid your $50 via PayPal within 24 hours of completing the survey.

    9. ySense

    ySense is one of the best-paying online survey platforms that cater to South Africans. It is a global online community that specialises in online paid surveys and other cash offers.

    ySense partners with market researchers wherein they provide earning opportunities through surveys. All that’s required from you to earn quick cash is to provide accurate data by being honest and thoughtful in your responses.

    This platform pays in US Dollars and payments take up to 10 working days to be processed. Payment will be sent to you in your preferred method of payment, provided you meet all requirements.

    10. YourView

    YourView is a well-known and reputable market research company that serves many South African businesses, including blue-chip clients in the financial services, telecommunications, and FMCG sectors.

    It pays incentives to people who take their surveys in a form of points that can be redeemed for rewards. You have the option of receiving cash, Woolworths gift cards, Takealot voucher, or airtime as your reward.

    Furthermore, you can begin redeeming with as few as 30 points or save up your points for more expensive rewards.

    11. Market Agent

    Market Agent also offers online surveys to the South African market. Registration and participation are free.

    With each survey you take, your account will be credited with indemnities in the form of points for each completed questionnaire.

    The number of indemnities varies depending on the type of survey and the length of the questionnaire from one survey to the next. You can convert your earned points into cash, and vouchers, or use them for public-benefit purposes.

    12. TGM Panel

    TGM Panel stands out as a legitimate survey site that rewards users for their opinions. It offers two primary avenues for earning: completing surveys and a referral program.

    The income potential depends on factors like the number of surveys received and completed, and the payment per survey.

    TGM Panel is known for its relatively competitive payouts, making it a viable option for those looking to supplement their income.

    13. Surveytime

    Surveytime is unique in its approach, offering a flat rate of $1 for each survey completed.

    This simplicity is complemented by instant payment, adding to its appeal. Users have various reward options, including PayPal, Amazon, and Target vouchers.

    Surveytime enhances the user experience by matching surveys to individual interests, increasing the likelihood of survey completion and consequent earnings.

    14. Mobiworkx

    Mobiworkx focuses on gathering user feedback on familiar products and brands. After completing surveys, participants are compensated with the advertised amount.

    What sets Mobiworkx apart is the variety of redemption options available, ranging from airtime and gift cards to PayPal transfers. This flexibility makes it an attractive choice for diverse users.

    15. Triaba

    Triaba offers an opportunity to earn money through online and mobile surveys. Payments for completed surveys range from £0.16 to £2.80, with a low threshold of just £4 for reward redemption.

    Triaba enhances its accessibility by offering the OpinionAPP, allowing users to take surveys on their mobile devices at their convenience. This feature, along with the absence of limitations on the number of surveys one can complete, makes Triaba a flexible option for earning online.

    16. Testable Minds

    Testable Minds is an innovative online platform that serves as a bridge between researchers and participants for psychological and behavioral experiments. Globally utilized by researchers, it offers a diverse range of studies, particularly in behavioral economics and cognitive skills.

    The compensation for participating in these studies typically ranges from $0.50 to $5, based on the study’s duration and complexity, with some exceptional cases paying between $6 and $15. However, the platform caps monthly earnings at $50, and some verified members report receiving only 1 or 2 studies per month.

    An attractive feature of Testable Minds is its referral program, where users can earn $1 for every person who joins through their referral link and completes their first withdrawal.

    When it comes to payment and withdrawal, the initial threshold is set at $20, reducible to $10 upon account verification, with subsequent withdrawals having a minimum of $1. Various payment methods are available, including PayPal, Revolut, gift cards, and bank deposits, with Revolut being the recommended choice for instant and fee-free withdrawals. Payments are typically made weekly, usually on Tuesdays.

    17. Surveryeah

    Surveyeah in comparison, is another survey platform offering paid surveys. It likely allows users to earn money by completing surveys on various topics after signing up and filling out profile information.

    The availability of surveys on Surveyeah may vary based on demographic factors and the number of users.

    Payment and rewards could include direct cash payments or rewards like gift cards, similar to other survey platforms.

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    18. Superpayme

    Superpayme is an online platform offering various opportunities to earn extra income through surveys, offers, and other activities.

    Superpayme offers a variety of features and opportunities for users to earn money online. These include completing surveys and offers, typically related to products and brands, and earning money by watching videos, mostly advertisements, in selected categories.

    Additionally, Superpayme hosts contests with substantial cash prizes for top earners every quarter. Their lucrative referral program allows users to earn 25% of their referrals’ earnings without affecting the referral’s earnings, further boosting earning potential. Occasional promo codes are also offered on social media, providing users with bonus points.

    In terms of payment and rewards, Superpayme primarily pays in points, which are convertible to cash. The platform supports multiple payment methods, including PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Wise, and Amazon gift cards.

    19. Metro Opinion

    Metro Opinion is an online paid survey platform that rewards users for sharing their opinions through various surveys. The process involves users receiving survey invitations via email, which detail the time required and potential earnings for each survey.

    The platform typically pays between $0.50 to $5 per survey, with the amount depending on the survey’s length and complexity. To increase the likelihood of receiving more relevant survey invites, completing a detailed profile is crucial.

    In terms of payment methods and accessibility, Metro Opinion offers payments through PayPal and GCodes, with a general payout threshold ranging from $5 to $10. However, users should note that a 2% fee applies to PayPal withdrawals.

    20. Prolific

    Prolific is a well-regarded online platform that connects researchers with participants for psychological and behavioral studies, predominantly used by global researchers.

    The site is renowned for offering a variety of studies in areas like behavioral economics and cognitive skills. Most studies on Prolific pay between $0.50 to $5, depending on the duration and complexity, with some rare instances offering up to $6-$15.

    To cash out earnings, users need a minimum of £5/$7 in their account, with a small fee applied to withdrawals. After four cashouts, users are moved to instant cashouts, receiving payments directly into their PayPal account. Prolific processes payments every Tuesday and Friday, ensuring timely payouts.

    21. Offernation

    Offernation is another online survey platform where users can earn money by participating in surveys and offers. It provides various opportunities to earn, including watching videos, taking part in contests, and a referral program where users earn a percentage of their referrals’ earnings. The platform pays mostly in points, convertible to cash, with multiple payment options like PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Wise, and Amazon gift cards.

    Participation in any survey is always voluntary and not required.

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    Consider this as the ultimate guide to survey side hustling. However, there are things you need to take note of before you get started.

    It is very important to keep track of all the surveys you complete in order to make sure that you get paid accordingly.

    Also, be careful of scams as there are a lot of marketing companies that offer surveys that are not legit.

    If you consider the general rule of thumb that ‘if anything sounds too good to be true, it probably is, you can likely avoid fake sites and scam artists.

    One red flag you should be looking out for is sites that charge fees for the privilege of taking these paid surveys.

    With all being said, I hope this list will save you time and effort and give you a head start to making money online.



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