Bolt Driver Salary: This Is How Much You Can Make Per Week

Today, I'm going to show you exactly how much Bolt drivers earn per week in South Africa.

Taken from the experience of a close friend, you can actually make a living by partnering with Bolt.

In fact, a lot of people use this opportunity for passive income and end up doing it full time.

Without wasting your time, let's dive right in.

Bolt Driver Earnings - The Real Numbers

The Bolt driver's average salary is R8,000.00 per week, according to the company.

However, based on our experience (with my friend), if you're in Johannesburg, you could make between R6,000.00 to R6,900.00 per week.

It's a seasonal business and dependant on the number of hours the driver puts in.

He made this amount between the months of October to December 2020. He was actually making close to R1,000.00 per day and putting in a lot of hours of work.

I remember in October last year, he made over R20k for the whole month.

Bolt Driver Salary in South Africa

And that's not your take-home driver's salary because Bolt charges the driver 20% commission for each trip they make.

But unfortunately, things have changed now with the new lockdown regulations in South Africa.

People aren't moving much as they used to, and the curfew timeframe is restricting Bolt drivers to earn a decent salary like they used to.

This month (in January), Bolt drivers are making not higher than R350.00 per day.


Because there aren't enough hours for them to basically do the work.

Bolt Payment Cycle

Bolt pays drivers each week, every Monday.

Payments include the week's earnings plus bonuses if there is.

So, if you own a car, your boss would be the driver because payments are sent to them.