Established in 1989, Braamfin Personal Loans have helped thousands of clients with personal loans, since. The company is registered and regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

    Braamfin aims at giving clients affordable credit and efficiency as quick as possible. The company’s secondary goal is never to over-debt clients by reckless lending.

    The number one advise you get from Braamfin is never to borrow money unless it’s necessary. Many people tend to apply for personal loans while they still have other options to get the money – like from family.

    About Braamfin Personal Loans

    Applying for personal loans allow you to borrow money from R1 000 up to R8 000. Loans come with flexible repayment terms between three (3) to six (6) months.

    Braamfin provide loans at a market related interest rate of 5% – as regulated by NCR.

    When your loan application is successful, money will be paid to you same day – as promised.

    The best part?

    You do not need to go stand in any queue to pay back the loan. During the process of your application, you will give instructions to Braamfin to debit your banking account every month.

    Be sure there are funds in your account to avoid penalties.

    You can settle your loan amount anytime.

    Let’s assume after taking a long term personal loan, it happened that you made more money and wish to settle the loan right away. That won’t be a problem with Braamfin – they’ll not charge you penalties.

    Here’s how can you apply for personal loans:

    With the use and power of technology, you can quickly apply for your personal loan online – without leaving your home couch.

    Complete the form and submit your application online. Try being as accurate as possible.

    Submit all the required and necessary documents.

    Braamfin will conduct a quick credit check and give you a decision instantly.


    You can spend the money however you wish – the choice is yours.

    You can pay for study fees, consolidate debts, fix a car, wrap your home renovations and so on.

    Should you need further assistant, please call Braamfin right away on 011 483 3570.

    Otherwise you can always visit their website at to learn more.



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