Bruma Finance Personal Loans give access to credit when you need it the most.

    When you are blacklisted, you know how difficult it could be to get a loan right?

    Of course…

    … That’s where Bruma Finance Personal Loans comes in handy. They have designed the loan package to meet individual financial needs and expectations.

    The best part?

    Loans are for everyone. Whether you’re blacklisted or listed under any credit bureau database, Bruma Finance will give you a benefit of the doubt.

    They will trust the information you’re providing are correct and you’re a responsible citizen of South Africa.


    Why take out Bruma Finance Personal Loans?

    Well, there are so many reasons why you should apply for a personal loan at Bruma Finance.

    For your convenient, Bruma Finance offer personal loans up to R15 000 for a period of 18 months.

    Bruma has the fasted loan application turnaround in South Africa. They absolutely understand how important the cash loan would mean to you.

    The delay might be on your side if you don’t have the necessary documents ready for the loan application.

    Otherwise once the loan has been approved, money will be paid out to you same day. If it happens that your application gets approved late in the day, you will get your money first thing in the morning.

    The money is all yours, you can spend it however you want.

    You can pay for education, renovate your home, pay bills and so on.

    Should it also happen that you run out of money, don’t stress on that, Bruma Finance got you covered.

    You can apply for an additional loan, just make sure you’ve at least paid three consecutive monthly instalment of your current loan.

    You’re set to go.

    Here’s how to apply…

    … First, you need to visit the Bruma Finance website and complete an online application form with your personal details.

    Once submitted, one of the Bruma financial consultant will call you back, usually the same day. They will walk you through the application process. On your side, make sure you have a copy of your ID and latest banking statement.

    They will also give free financial advise so that you could make a sound decision about your personal loan application.

    To find out more information about Bruma Finance Personal Loans, please visit their website at and read more.

    Alternatively, please contact us directly on 0861 33 11 33 for further assistance.



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