Application Rejected? CACH Could Help You Find Space To Study In Any Varsity

Most of the prosperous students going into a university or college find it difficult to accept the rejection from a faculty they've applied for.

Some become frustrated and stressful following such painful feelings but that can no longer become a challenge to them. The Central Application Clearing House (CACH) is available to assist them.

CACH is one of the platforms for students who haven't been admitted to universities or colleges of their choice in 2021.

This is an initiative by the Department of Higher Education that focuses on the applications after they have been declined. The initiative was launched in 2013.

This platform will match your application with available courses at other institutions across the country. You still have a chance of making your dream come true.

Let's get started.

This is how it works

All universities and colleges share available courses with the CACH and the system will try to match them with your application.

You must have been applied and declined at any institution to get services from CACH. They'll fetch your matric results directly from the department; you don't need to worry about applying once your data is made available on the platform.

CACH will send your information to all institutions for space to study and at SETA for available learnerships. If there is available space and you meet the requirements, the institution will contact you with an offer.

The assistance is for the students who have applied at both private and public colleges across the country. This will also help you avoid enrolling in illegal institutions because of your desperation.

It's your ideal route to finding the right course at the right institution.

*Important note*

CACH doesn't guarantee that you'll be offered a space to study.

If you're looking to study at a specific institution, you'll not receive the most satisfying service from the CACH matching system.

CACH 2021 Online Application

It's so simple to apply for CACH this year.

  • You can request a call back on the website;
  • SMS your Name, Surname and ID Number to 31629 Or 49200;
  • Lastly, you can email your Name, Surname and ID Number to [email protected];
  • Alternatively WhatsApp CACH on 0767655723

And a consultant will call you back to assist with the application.

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