A subscription to a movie and TV show platform is one of the best ways to spend your time, and watching them during the holiday months makes it even more enjoyable. With the number of new platforms that come out every few years and the seemingly never-ending list of shows and movies to watch, you can easily find yourself subscribed to way more platforms than you need– or more than your wallet can handle.

    Streaming and TV memberships can be a great way to entertain yourself, but sometimes, you may need a little break from them, it could be for financial reasons, or otherwise. Regardless of the reasons, this article outlines exactly how to cancel your memberships and maybe it will save you a few bucks too!

    Guide to Cancelling Your Subscription

    Cancelling your Netflix Membership

    NOTE: This is the only way to cancel your account and end your subscription. Signing out of your account or deleting the Netflix app doesn’t cancel your account.
    1. Sign In: Log in to your Netflix account using a web browser.
    2. Account Access: Click on your profile icon and select ‘Account’.
    3. Membership Cancellation: Under the ‘Membership & Billing’ section, click on ‘Cancel Membership’.
    4. Confirm Cancellation: Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation. Your account will remain active until the end of your billing period.

    Cancelling your Showmax Membership

    1. Login to Your Account: Access your Showmax account via the website.
    2. Account Settings: Navigate to your account settings by clicking on your profile icon.
    3. Manage: Select ‘Manage Subscription’ or a similar option.
    4. Cancel: Click on ‘Cancel Subscription’ and follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation. Your access will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.

    Cancelling your DStv Membership

    For DStv, the cancellation process is relatively simple, and these three tips show exactly how:

    1. DStv Account Login: Login to your DStv account through their website.
    2. Account Details: Go to My Products on the website and select the package you would like to manage.
    3. Disconnection: Look for the Disconnect icon and schedule your disconnection. Depending on your DStv package, there might be additional steps to follow.

    This disconnection can be scheduled and will take effect on your next payment date

    All of this can also be done on the MyDStv App and via WhatsApp. If you ever want to reconnect your services you can do that via the same digital platforms.

    Things to Remember

    • End of Billing Cycle: For most services, access continues until the end of the current billing period after cancellation.
    • Reactivation: Memberships can usually be reactivated if you change your mind later.
    • Check for Refunds: Some services may offer refunds under certain conditions.
    • Data Retention: Your viewing preferences and account details are often retained for a period if you decide to return.


    Cancelling your subscription to Netflix, Showmax, and DStv can be done quickly and easily through their respective websites or apps. It’s important to be aware of your billing cycle to understand when the cancellation will take effect and to check the specific terms for each service regarding refunds and data retention. With these steps, managing your sites and platforms should be a hassle-free experience.

    Watching your favourite TV show or movie and laying in bed should be a fun time, filled with laughter and snacks, but if the costs get too crazy, all these platforms can seem more like a burden. This article intends to alleviate that stress, and help you let go of an unnecessary or overly expensive subscription to Netflix, Showmax, or DStv. If you ever want to join these platforms again, the process is just as easy as the first time, and this DStv guide will help you make the best decision for your packages the second time around.



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