470010 Capitec Branch Code - The Universal Code

The universal branch code for Capitec bank is 470 010.

Most of the Capitec customers struggle to find the branch code when doing internet banking. And that struggle ends today.

You won't need to worry about branch names, simply use the Capitec branch code 470 010 for all your banking needs.

Let's get started.

Find the Capitec branch code

It's never easy to remember a branch code or name of the branch you opened your account at. If you can't remember the branch name but want to use it, the Capitec branch locator is very helpful in that regard.

The tool will give you all the details about the branch including the branch code too.

Here's an example of the Capitec branch locator page.

The Capitec branch code - 470 010 is a global identifier code you can use for any banking service Capitec requires.

Here's the difference between a branch code and the universal code:

A branch code for Capitec simply indicates the area of a branch. All the bank branches have a unique code that basically identifies its location.

And a universal branch code is self explanatory - UNIVERSAL. The code enables you to make transaction anywhere in the country.

All major banks in South Africa use the system of universal branch coding. Each bank has got a single-digit code called the universal code for instant EFTs or internet banking.

Capitec Branch Code By City

Based on our search, we found that Capitec Bank customers are trying to find branch codes for this popular cities in South Africa:

  • Randburg
  • Polokwane
  • Cape Town
  • Richards Bay

And we can confirm that Capitec only uses the universal branch code - the 470010 branch code.

When you search for the code using the Capitec branch locator, all the results comes with the same branch code.