Capitec eWallet - Affordable Instant Cash Transfer

Capitec eWallet enables customers to conveniently send money to friends and family at the cheapest costs.

It's popularly referred to as the Capitec Cash Send that lets you transfer cash to a cellphone number, which the recipient can withdraw the money at the ATM and selected partner retailers.

The Capitec eWallet offers various benefits that we will discuss below, let's get started.

The Costs of Sending eWallet

With the Capitec Cash Send, you'll be able to transfer amounts between R40 right up to R3000 per day.

For any transaction less or equal to R1000, it's going to cost you R7.50 while using the USSD banking service or mobile app.

And it'll cost you R15.00 any amount greater than R1000 to R3000.

It might not seem so cheap - it could be the fastest and affordable way of sending quick cash to anyone who doesn't bank with Capitec.

How to Send the Capitec eWallet

There are a couple of ways to send an ewallet from your Capitec account to any working cellphone number.

  1. USSD Mobile Banking
  2. Mobile App

Following each of the above processes, you'll receive ewallet confirmation details via SMS, which you can manually send to the recipient of your choice.

The SMS will include the transaction or cash send the reference number. While sending this to your family and friends, do not forget to give them the secret or ewallet pin for the collection of the money.

How to Withdraw the Capitec Cash Send

Capitec has made it even more easier and convenient to withdraw ewallet payments or cash transfers.

For a quick withdrawal, use any Capitec bank ATM near you. Otherwise, you can collect your money at the retail partnered stores, such as Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Game, Makro, Pick n Pay or Builders.

You'll need to have the following to withdraw the money, regardless of whichever method you'll be using:

  • The reference number
  • The 4-digit secret code

Get your ewallet transfer and use the money however you want.

Capitec eWallet Reversal

What if you've sent the details to the wrong cellphone number, how could you reverse the ewallet payment?

It's easy with Capitec, you have full control over how the withdrawal is handled. Always advisable to call the recipient first before giving them the secret pin.

Either way, the quickest way to get your money back, after SMSing the cash send details is to quickly withdraw the money at an ATM, before the recipient could.

Alternatively, your money will be paid back into your bank account if not collected within 30 days.