Cashbuild credit is a personal loan by Nedbank designed for your home improvements.

    The Cashbuild building loan is perfect for when you want to turn your home, into a dream home.

    It’s easy to open your Cashbuild credit account and buy materials on credit.

    Want to know the best part?

    You can use the Cashbuild loan calculator to estimate your monthly repayments for the loan.

    Let’s get started.

    The Cashbuild Credit Account

    Cashbuild is the largest retailer of affordable building materials in South Africa.

    Cashbuild partnered with Nedbank to offer you the ability to buy building materials on credit.

    Open the Cashbuild account today and have exclusive access to personal loans by Nedbank. You can open the account at Cashbuild online or at your nearest store.

    The Cashbuild home improvement loan is your best chance for finishing your project quicker than planned.

    You could qualify for the Cashbuild credit amount up to R250,000.00 depending on your credit rating.

    If you wish to make the Cashbuild credit application, simply go to any Cashbuild store, present your case with them.

    The consultants are friendly and will be happy to assist with the process.

    All the Cashbuild loan applications are subject to final credit approval and affordability assessments by Nedbank.

    The Cashbuild loan Calculator

    Work out your affordability for the Cashbuild building loan using the loan calculator tool.

    Use the Cashbuild loan calculator to check how much you qualify for, interest rates charged, and your possible monthly installments.

    The Nedbank Personal Loan Calculator

    After that, you’ll be able to make the best loan decision.

    What You’ll Need to Qualify

    To qualify for your Cashbuild account application, please ensure you at least, meet the following criteria:

    • You must 18 years and older with a valid South African identity card/document.
    • You must be permanently working with recent payslips or have a letter of employment
    • You must have a banking account in your name that reflects your monthly salary – banking statements

    Benefits of CashBuild Loans

    Taking out a loan with CashBuild offers several advantages. As a reputable financial institution, CashBuild is accredited for providing reliable financial services. Additional benefits include:

    Flexible loan terms: Customers have the freedom to choose the repayment period that suits them best, ranging from 6 to 72 months.

    Hassle-free application process: All loan-related paperwork and processes are handled in-store, ensuring convenience for customers.

    Borrowing options: CashBuild offers a minimum loan amount of R2000 and a maximum borrowing amount of R300,000, allowing customers to address projects of varying scales.

    Requirements for CashBuild Loan Application

    The requirements for applying for a CashBuild loan are straightforward and similar to other personal loans:

    Age: Applicants must be over 18 years old.

    Proof of income: Employed individuals need to provide proof of income, while pensioners require a pensioner’s remittance.

    Good credit history: CashBuild typically runs an ITC check to assess the applicant’s credit profile, helping determine eligibility for a home improvement loan.

    Usage of CashBuild Loans

    CashBuild loans are exclusively intended for purchasing building materials in-store. They are not valid for use in other stores or for other purposes.

    CashBuild clearly communicates these usage guidelines during the application process, ensuring clarity and transparency.


    Before applying for any loan, it is crucial to assess affordability based on one’s monthly income. CashBuild provides an invaluable tool to assist with this—the loan calculator.

    By entering the desired loan amount and repayment term, customers can determine the monthly repayment amount and total payback.

    Interest rates vary based on an individual’s credit score, with better credit ratings leading to lower interest rates.

    CashBuild Card

    In addition to loans, CashBuild also offers a convenient card system that operates similarly to a debit card. Customers can deposit funds onto their CashBuild cards, enabling seamless purchases of building materials.

    Applying for a CashBuild card is straightforward, requiring only a cell phone number and South African ID. Once received, customers can create a PIN code for added security and use the card for purchases, deposits, or refunds.

    Balances and transaction details can be accessed in-store or online, providing flexibility and convenience.

    CashBuild loans present an innovative and accessible solution for individuals embarking on home improvement projects. With flexible loan repayment terms, customers can choose a timeframe that suits their financial circumstances.

    CashBuild’s reputable financial services, coupled with the convenience of in-store loan processing, further enhance the appeal of these loans.

    Whether through loans or the CashBuild card system, CashBuild ensures that customers have the necessary resources to bring their home improvement visions to life.

    With CashBuild, achieving your dreams of a beautiful and functional home becomes more attainable than ever before.

    Do you want more information about the Cashbuild credit account? Please visit the Cashbuild website at




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