Checkers Money Transfer is a convenient and effective way of sending money to family and friends without the hassle of them opening a bank account.

    The money transfer service is completely transparent and safe, your family will receive the cash instantly.

    Checkers is one of the biggest supermarket in South Africa.

    The supermarket is backed by the biggest food retail group in Africa, Shoprite Holdings.

    They are able to offer you big discounts for your much needed groceries.

    How to transfer money at Checkers?

    Transferring money at Checkers money market is as simple as like that, you simply just want to visit any of their stores or Shoprite.

    Ensure you have your South African identity book and the amount you’d like to send.

    The service is offered at R9.99 fee, meaning if you’re going to send R500 then you must bring R509.99 for the recipient to be able to collect the full R500 amount.

    Please note that no copies of your ID or driver’s license are not accepted.

    With Checkers Money Transfer, you will be able to send cash from as little R1 up to R5 000 daily and R25 000 per month.

    Present the money you want to send to any teller at Checkers and enter your secret pin which will be used to collect cash from the other side.

    Once all is submitted and successful, money can be collected at the following selected stores in addition to Checkers, OK Furniture, Shoprite and Usave and House and Home.

    The other main benefit that the Checkers money service provide is that you can use the money in your transfer account to purchase any goods within the stores.

    For example, your family member or friend sends you R5 000 and you were looking to buy a bed, you can use that money to buy the bed at House and Home or OK Furniture instead of withdrawing the cash from Checkers.

    How to collect cash at Checkers?

    In order to collect money sent to you from Checkers money transfer, you need to visit any of the Checker’s local stores near you.

    You will be able to withdraw or collect cash up to R5 000 per day and a maximum of R25 000 in a month.

    You need to come with your RSA barcoded green ID book, secret PIN and Money Transfer number that was given to you by the sender.

    Present those requirements to any cashier at Checkers store and enter your secret pin to collect cash.

    Checkers Money Transfer Contact Details

    To find out more information about the Checkers money market, please contact their customer service line on 0800 01 07 09 to speak to a friendly consultant.

    Please visit their website at to read more and use the store locator to find Checkers near you.



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