How To Claim UIF Benefits - Easy Steps

Technology has changed the way workers used to claim UIF benefits in South Africa.

I'm going to show exactly how to claim UIF Unemployment Benefits, whether you qualify or not, when to file a claim and how long it might take to receive your UIF money.

The best part?

You can claim UIF online these days.

Let's dive right in.

How to claim UIF Unemployment Benefits

You probably know what the UIF unemployment benefits are - right?

It stands for the Unemployment Insurance Fund and is set up by the government for people who are no longer working.

Say, for example, you just lost your job and don't know where your next income will come from. You can claim and get some money from the government until you find new employment.

While you were still working, you contributed a portion of your income to the UIF. This is your insurance in case of situations where you're no longer working due to illness or pregnancy and so on.

The filing process

There are two ways workers can claim the UIF benefits:

1. Claim traditionally in person

To apply for the UIF unemployment benefits, you must visit your nearest labour centre and submit your documents in person.

Labour centre consultants will help you complete the claim. If you're missing any documents, the staff member will inform you and give you further instructions.

2. Claim UIF online

Register and create your account on the eFilling system by the Department of Labour in South Africa.

You'll need to scan and submit documents online. The best part is you'll access to 2 important forms you must submit with your claim.

Accept the department's terms and conditions and complete your online UIF account.

And that's it.

You must have the following documents ready when you want to claim the unemployment benefits

  • Your bar-coded ID or passport
  • Form UI-2.8 for banking details;
  • Form UI-19 to show that you are no longer working for your employer; and
  • Proof of registration - your registered UIF number

Who Qualifies for UIF Claim?

Remember, the UIF unemployment benefits were created to help people who are no longer working and women on maternity leave.

So, you cannot claim under the following work situations:

  • Quit your job
  • Suspended from your job due to fraud or refused training or advise
  • Get benefits from the Compensation Fund

Just to iterate, you cannot claim the UIF benefits when you've been dismissed from your job for fraud.

How long does it take to get your UIF money?

It doesn't take long for your UIF money to be paid into your banking account.

How long it'll take will depend on when did you sign for payment at the labour centre. Once you've signed, you can ask for the date, when your money will be paid.

How much you can claim depends on how much was your salary.

If you were getting a higher salary, you're probably going to get a smaller percentage from the UIF benefits. If you were earning over R12 000 per month, you'll receive less than R4 600 fixed monthly benefit from UIF.

UIF Claim Contact Details

For more information about claiming the UIF benefits, call 0800 843 843/0800 to speak to one of the UIF call centre.

Alternatively, visit the Department of Labour's website for UIF contact details.