Encountering DSTV error messages can be both frustrating and confusing for the average user in South Africa. Often, these errors disrupt the seamless viewing experience DStv promises to offer. Fortunately, these messages are not just randomly occurring issues, as each one indicates a specific problem that can be addressed. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to understanding these messages and how to resolve them.

    Common DStv Error Messages and Their Solutions

    E04-4 (Please insert smartcard.)

    Insert the correct/valid smartcard in the decoder smartcard slot. If the smartcard is inserted correctly but not being recognized, please try cleaning the smartcard with a dry soft cloth and re-insert the smartcard.

    E06-4 (Smartcard failure.)

    Please check if the smartcard is not damaged and gently re-insert smartcard.

    E16-0 (Channel Currently Scrambled)

    This DSTV error message means a channel is blocked because it may not be part of your package or your services may have been suspended. Confirm the package you are on and check if your account is up-to date using the DSTV Self Service available on the MyDSTV app or via WhatsApp.

    E17-0 (No Active Subscription)

    This channel is blocked because there is no active subscription. Visit Self Service to clear this error or to check your account balance.

    E19-4 (Channel Currently Scrambled)

    This channel is blocked because your decoder has been inactive or your services may have been suspended. You can clear this error online using Self Service options.

    E30-4 (Notification)

    This DSTV error message appears when the system is confirming your subscription. This should only take a few minutes. If it is not cleared, you can contact customer care.

    E32-0 (Validation in Progress)

    Smartcard and subscription validation in progress. This should also take a few minutes. Do not change channels or press any buttons on the remote. If this message has not cleared within 5 minutes, clear this error via the MyDSTV App, on Self Service or using the DStv WhatsApp bot.

    E37-32 (Service does not exist.)

    Please re-boot and re-scan your decoder to get an updated service list.

    E42-32 (Parental Control lock)

    Please enter the correct PIN to unblock the channel

    E45-32 (Channel Error)

    Switch the decoder off at the plug. Wait 30 seconds and then switch it back on.  If the error continues, please contact customer service for assistance.

    E48 (Searching for signal)

    The DSTV error message indicates that there is poor signal reception from the dish which could be due to a loose cable connection, bad weather conditions or faulty equipment.

    E48-32 (Weather)

    Due to bad weather, you may see the 48-32 error. If the weather is fine, check that if the cables from the satellite dish are connected to the decoder properly. Then switch off the decoder power at the wall plug and wait at least 10 seconds before switching it on again.

    Extra Tips for Resolving DStv Error Messages

    If particular DStv error messages you are encountering are not mentioned above, remember that you can always use the ‘Clear Error’ button found on the DSTV website and mobile app. In cases where resetting or clearing the error message does not work, you should contact DStv’s customer support for assistance.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: What is the ‘Clear Error’ button on DStv?

    A: The ‘Clear Error’ button is a feature on the platform that allows users to rectify DSTV error messages they encounter on their decoders. It can be found on both their website and mobile app.

    Q: Why is my DSTV not scanning?

    A: If your DSTV is not scanning, it could be due to poor signal strength. Check the connection between your satellite dish and the decoder.

    2. How do I reset my DSTV decoder after payment of subscription fees?

    To reset your decoder after payment, visit the DSTV self-service portal online, log into your account, and select “reset decoder”.

    While DStv error messages can be pesky obstacles to our television viewing experience, understanding what they represent and how to troubleshoot them efficiently can make all the difference. Hopefully, this guide empowers you to take control the next time you encounter some of these DStv error messages. Happy viewing!



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