Tips that’ll help you write a professional cv/resume and distribute it properly to get hired fast.

    You’ll also learn about how to summarize your skill, accomplishments, education, credentials, and work experience in your cv/resume.

    CVs can be very tricky to write and you don’t want to send out the wrong message to the employer.

    Here are some important tips to put into consideration while writing and submitting your CV/Resume.

    1. CV Format

    You’ll need to design and format your cv layout to represent your creativity and personality. If you have the proper design skills, you could design the cv in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Microsft Word.

    Otherwise, you’ll need a template you can edit and customize to suit the job you’re applying for. Download our free cv templates, designed in Word, and customize them however you want.

    Alternatively, use an online cv/resume builder with templates you really like for your cv format.

    2. Submission Method

    There are only two methods of getting your CV out to employers.

    Recruiters and hiring managers prefer the candidate to send CVs via email. This method helps them screen applications quicker and find the right candidate for the position.

    So, when submitting your cv/resume, ensure it answers exactly what the job requires. With the use of the ATS system, your applications might be ignored if it doesn’t fulfill the requirements during the screening process.

    Also, ensure to write professional email content, that’s properly formatted and without errors.

    3. Expertise

    You need to include a list of everything good a client must know about yourself. Your skill-set and experience will distinguish you from a pool of applications for any position.

    Hiring managers and the ATS system will quickly go through your work experience and skills before anything else – for consideration.

    So, when writing your cv, please make sure your expertise is visible enough for a quick scan by recruiters.

    4. Avoid Mistakes

    Mistakes are far easier to spot in a CV than achievements.

    When writing, make sure to use the right tone of voice, check well, and proofread your CV before the final submission.

    5. Contact Details

    The most important means of reaching you should be highlighted on your CV.

    Usually, your e-mail address and a working phone number are all this takes. Don’t flood your cv/resume with unnecessary personal details, stick just to your contact, email, and address. The recruiter will request more information if need be.

    With this many tips, you’re on your way to landing the best dream job ever.



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