Discovery Bank Branch Code: A Guide to 679000 Universal Code

    Are you battling to figure out the branch code for your Discovery Bank account? Are you racking your brains trying to remember that pesky number sequence? No need to wonder anymore. This comprehensive blog post has everything you need to know about the Discovery bank branch code, also known as the universal code: 679000.

    What is a Bank Branch Code?

    Any South African who has done a bit of banking knows the typical branch code. For the uninitiated, the branch code is a unique number that identifies each bank branch. This six-digit number, like the Discovery Bank universal code 679000, is important for all types of transactions, including electronic funds transfers (EFTs) and payments. Just remember, without the Discover Bank branch code, you will be stuck high and dry the next time you want to move your hard-earned cash around online.

    Branch code vs. Universal code

    If you are wondering about the difference between a branch code and a universal code, we can clear that up for you. Normally, a specific branch has a unique branch code. But for some banks in South Africa, one single universal code can be used across all branches for Internet banking to make things a little easier.
    So, when you see the 679000 code, it is the universal branch code for Discovery Bank right across South Africa.

    Discovery Bank Branch Code

    How to use your Discovery Bank branch code

    Whenever you want to make an EFT or another form of online payment, you will need to plug in your bank’s branch code. The Discovery Bank branch code is that magic number – 679,000. Simply type this number into the field for ‘branch code’ or ‘universal code’ when setting up beneficiaries or making payments, and that is it!
    Just make sure you are putting the right code in the right field, so you do not end up with an error message and are unable to transact.

    Why bother with the branch code?

    You may be thinking, “Surely in this day and age we do not need these codes anymore, right?” But without these unique identifying numbers, a bank would not know where to funnel your funds. It would be like giving the taxi driver directions without street names. So, make sure to save that universal branch code somewhere you will remember!


    Now that you understand everything to do with your Discovery Bank branch code: 679 000, it should make setting up payments simpler. We do hope this helps make your online banking experience a bit smoother. Just remember, it is your key to financial mobility in this digital age. So, save the Discovery Bank branch code in an accessible place.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Why do I need a branch code?

    A branch code, or in this case, a universal code, is required for online transactions. Simply put, it tells your bank where to send or receive your money.

    2. What’s the branch code for Discovery Bank?

    The universal branch code for Discovery Bank is 679000. This code is used across all Discovery Bank branches in South Africa for online transactions.

    3. What’s the difference between a branch code and a universal code?

    A branch code is unique to a specific bank branch, while a universal code is standard across all branches of a bank, and can be used for all electronic transactions.

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