Easy Guide to Reverse FNB eWallet Payment (With Proven Screenshots)

Yes, if you mistakenly transfer money to an incorrect cellphone with FNB ewallet, you can reverse and recover your money - FAST!

FNB ewallet is the most popular mobile banking service in South Africa, transferring billions of rands in quick cash to family and friends.

With that, mistakes can happen and today I want to you show the steps to take to reverse ewallet payment, QUICKER. I've literally gone through the entire process myself and taken screenshots to prove how possible it is to reverse the FNB ewallet payment.

Let's get started.

Easy Guide to Reverse eWallet Payment

There's only one cheapest and convenient method of reversing the FNB ewallet, which is using the USSD mobile banking service.

Follow these simple steps to recover your money, faster.

  1. Dial *120*321# to access the FNB mobile banking and enter your unique pin or password to login;
  2. On the main menu, select option 4 - Send Money;
  3. Next screen, select option 3 - eWallet Reversal
  4. FNB will then notify you of the chances to recover the money transfer with terms and conditions;
  5. Next screen will show you a list of sent ewallet transactions which you can select to reverse. You'll also get the number, amount and date of the money transfer;
  6. Select the transaction and confirm the details.

And that's it, FNB will then start the process and take care of everything else.

FNB eWallet Reversal Guide

Can it Really be Reversed?

Yes, many customers have done this process successfully.

It isn't a simple process, can be frustrating sometimes, especially when the other person already moved the money from ewallet.

As indicated in the screenshots above, FNB recommends trying reverse ewallet payment that was transferred 72 hours ago.

Otherwise, cannot guarantee you'll get your money back and the entire process depends on the person on the other side.

How Much Does FNB Charge for eWallet Reversals?

It'll cost you a flat fee of R13.95 to reverse ewallet payment.

While other customers claim to have been charged over R50.00 in the past however FNB indicates this flat fee on their website.

And the process will take 4 to 15 working days to complete.

How to Avoid eWallet Reversals

You should avoid typing in the cellphone number during the process of sending ewallet transfer to anyone. Always copy the number from your contact list, this increases your chances of sending to a working number.

However, always recommend using the FNB app to send ewallet payments. The app has access to your phone contact list and you can select the cellphone number instead of typing or entering it manually.

During the process, FNB will present a couple of screens to confirm the cellphone number to avoid sending to wrong numbers. Also cross-check with the recipient if the number is correct before clicking the send button.