Fasta Loans Review - Affordable Interest Rates And Fees

Run short of cash? Are you looking for quick cash to make it through the month?

Fasta loans provide quick funding for personal loans within the best possible interest rates.

You'll be able to manage your unexpected mid-month expenses with ease.

Without wasting your time, let's review Fasta loans and how rates are calculated.

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Quick & Simple Application

Fasta offers the easiest online loan application and quick turn-around.

The company is registered with the National Credit Regulator, so they always practice responsible lending.

They aim to help customers with cash when they need it the most, instead of adding financial stress.

Fast loan Amount

Fasta offers short-term and payday loans to help customers boost their cashflow.

You could qualify for Fasta loans up to R8,000.00.

You can take up to 3 months to repay the desired loan amount with interest.

If you decide to pay Fasta loan in months, this will obviously lower your monthly installments. Whereas if you pay in one month, you'll be paying the total, with full interests and initiation fees at once.

Interest Rates

Fasta loans are online unsecured and personal loans offered at affordable interest.

Fasta loans are provided in full compliance with the National Credit Act's regulations.

So, Fasta offers a unique loan experience and guarantees loan approval.

Each Fasta loan is offered at a personalised interest rate based on the customer's credit background.

If you applied for a loan of R8,000.00 but your credit score doesn't allow Fasta to grant you that amount, an offer will be presented to you for approval.

You'll only get the loan amount you can afford.

Other Charges

Depending on the Fasta loan amount, you'll be charged a once-off initiation fee.

And you'll also be charged a monthly fee of R60.00 for administration services.

How to Apply for Fasta Loans

Fasta offers the simplest online application process by far.

All you need is to visit and use the Fasta loan calculator to apply.

Fasta instant credit calculator

Use the slider to choose the amount you want to apply for and how long to repay the loan.

The calculator will show you the total loan with interest charged and monthly installments, for your convenience.

However, that'll not be your final amount since each application is subject to credit risk checks and affordability assessments.

And you'll need the following to support your loan application:

  • A valid RSA ID Number
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Last 3 Payslips
  • Latest 3 months banking statements

And you'll be on your way to getting that most needed cash.

Contact Details

FASTA is a registered credit provider.

On the website, please go to the contact tab in the footer (bottom of the page) and complete the form with your details.

And a consultant will call you back for further assistance.

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