FNB eWallet: Everything you need to know

    FNB eWallet is a convenient and secure way to send and receive money without the need for a bank account. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using this service and how it works, providing you with everything you need to know about this innovative digital payment solution.

    1. Convenience and Accessibility:

    • FNB eWallet allows you to send and receive money instantly, 24/7, without the need for a bank account.
    • It’s a convenient solution for anyone who needs to send money to friends, family, or businesses quickly and easily.

    2. Easy Setup and Registration:

    • Setting up an FNB eWallet is quick and easy. All you need is a South African cellphone number, and you can register for an eWallet online or at any FNB ATM or branch.
    • Once registered, you can start sending and receiving money immediately.

    3. Send Money Anytime, Anywhere:

    • With this service, you can send money to anyone in South Africa, even if they don’t have a bank account.
    • All you need is the recipient’s cellphone number, and they’ll receive an SMS notification with instructions on how to collect the money.

    4. Secure and Reliable:

    • FNB eWallet transactions are secure and protected by advanced encryption technology.
    • You’ll receive an SMS notification every time a transaction is made, providing you with peace of mind that your money is safe and secure.

    5. Withdraw Cash or Shop Online:

    • Recipients can withdraw cash from any FNB ATM using the eWallet PIN sent to them via SMS.
    • They can also use their eWallet to shop online or pay for goods and services at participating merchants.

    6. Low Fees and Transparency:

    • FNB eWallet transactions are subject to low, transparent fees, making it an affordable way to send and receive money.
    • You’ll always know exactly how much you’re being charged for each transaction, with no hidden fees or surprises.

    7. Track Your Transactions:

    • This service provides you with a detailed transaction history, allowing you to track your spending and monitor your account activity.
    • You can access your transaction history online or through the Banking App.

    FNB eWallet offers a convenient, secure, and affordable way to send and receive money without the need for a bank account. With easy setup and registration, instant transfers, low fees, and robust security features, it’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for a hassle-free way to manage their money.



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