Fast track your 2023 job hunting with our free CV templates editable in Microsoft Word.

    This is the ultimate collection of templates for job seekers in South Africa, whether you’re a student or an experienced professional, you’ll find a template that best describes your personality.

    These templates will enhance your existing curriculum vitae and put you right at the top against other applicants or competitors.

    A plain, black and white CV won’t cut these days, you have very little chance of getting the job you want because it’s kind of boring and shows no creativity to the hiring manager.

    You can maximize and save time with our free cv templates. You can edit and customize them for any job role you wish to apply for.

    Let’s dive right in.

    How To Use Our CV Templates

    It’s easier said than done and most people don’t have the skills to work design with Microsoft Word. You might have the basic knowledge of editing documents but some of these templates might be a bit challenging for you because they require advanced knowledge of using MS Word.

    But we’ve made them as simple to edit, as possible.

    First of all, you’ll need to have MS Word installed on your computer or mobile phone. Open the template, start typing over the text, and change colors to whatever you prefer – be creative and professional.

    Otherwise, if you’re an expert in Word, you can modify the layout, spacing, font sizes, and types, and completely change this design to your professional desired look.

    Our free CV templates will give you new ideas as to how you must layout sections, types of fonts, color scheme to use, what to include in your cv, and save you money and, time. They’ll help you keep the CV simple with only the important information that’s required for the advertised job role.

    It’ll answer the following questions for you:

    • Personal attributes & Skills
    • Creativity & Professionalism
    • Experience and Work History

    That’s all you need in your CV to prove to employers you’re worth the opportunity.

    What Does a Winning CV/Resume contain?

    A winning CV contains only significant information about you (the candidate) and why you would qualify for the advertised job.

    Include the following, if you want to win with your resume:

    • Minimal personal information (Full names, email address, contact number, physical address, nationality and languages)
    • Personal profile or Cv objective – briefly define your experience and personality, most importantly, why they should hire you.
    • Experience – A detailed list of your work experience, with dates, responsibilities, and achievements (if any)
    • Education – A complete list of your education, with dates, a field of study, and the university you’ve studied at.
    • References

    The above list gives the employer enough information to understand your career history and personality to invite you for further discussions in an interview.

    How to Write a Professional Cv/Resume?

    While this process isn’t easy, we will try to outline certain steps to take in writing a professional CV.

    First, choose and download one of our free cv templates and start editing your content.

    Create a free account with Grammarly and start writing your CV. This tool will help you avoid common CV mistakes and grammatical errors.

    Customize each CV content to a specific job application.

    Report a bug

    Having trouble using our templates, please feel free to contact us so that we can assist in troubleshooting the issues you’re having.

    We have tried to make these templates as simple to edit as possible. We also understand it might be easy for anyone to edit, which is why we’re offering our assistance, free of charge to you.

    Send us your edited template so that we finalize it for you. We will not create the cv from scratch for you, please try to customize it first, then send it over when having issues.



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