GetBucks Loans: Here's How The Loan Calculator Works

Use the GetBucks Loans Calculator to estimate your total installment before making your application online.

GetBucks offer payday loans up to R4,000.00 to help you build a credit profile and your monthly budget

The GetBucks loans calculator helps you estimate the right amount perfect for your current situation.

The best part?

There are no GetBucks long term loans agreement, pay off the loan in just 56 days (2 months).

Let's get started.

GetBucks Loans Online: The Application Process

GetBucks is a division of MyBucks, a fintech company aimed at bringing helpful financial services and products to the people.

GetBucks loans compete with other credit providers like Wonga and Capfin loans.

You don't need to stand in long queues in order to complete the Getbucks loan application form - everything happens online.

New GetBucks customers can apply for loans up to R4 000 at the lowest interest rates.

Settle the loan in your next salary date or next month, no long term loans.


GetBucks understand you may be looking for more money however with the entry level to their financial products - they just want to help you throughout the month.

When the company begins to understand your financials and how you pay them back, they will enable you to borrow even more bucks from them.

Let's look at some numbers - shall we:

The GetBucks loan calculator on the home page of the website tells you everything you need to know about your loan. Before making your GetBucks loans application, you'll know all the charges and total installment of your loan beforehand.


If you apply for the maximum loan amount of R4 000 for the maximum term of 56 days - your repayment will be R5,039.00. That's not bad, isn't it?

Unlike other lenders that have more charges, GetBucks gives you affordable cash loans when you need it the most.

When your application is approved, which usually takes less than a few minutes - funds will be made available to you in no time.

You are welcome to spend the money however you wish.

Spend it wisely, so that it doesn't become painful paying back installments.

GetBucks have assisted thousands of South Africans over the past years.

Here's what their CEO - Dave van Niekerk had to say about the platform: "GetBucks offers financial products, transforms them into opportunities, and helps to create financial inclusion."

Download the GetBucks loans APP!

You can always download GetBucks app on the Google Play store or Apple Store. That's how advanced the company is, looking after clients digital needs and expectations.

You can do pretty much anything on the app - manage your GetBucks account and apply for loans.

GetBucks Loans Requirements

To apply for GetBucks Loans, you must be 18 years and above to qualify. Don't forget to provide proof of identification.

You must be working or at least earning a regular income each month.

Bring recent payslips.

Also, provide information about your banking - the latest banking statements to which your salary is paid.

GetBucks Loans Contact Details

Find out more detailed information about GetBucks Loans visiting their website at

You can also direct your calls to 012 111 1333. They have brilliant customer support.

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