How to Apply for the SASSA SRD Disaster Food Voucher in KZN

Following the unfortunate floods in KwaZulu-Natal these past weeks, SASSA released a statement announcing that there is a Social Relief of Distress Grant for Disasters available for all that have been affected by the current disaster.

SASSA is offering R1,200 food vouchers per household. This is a temporary provision and applies to mainly the people that were affected and unable to meet their family’s basic needs.

They are also offering R3,960 (R1,980 x 2) food vouchers or in cash to households that have lost family members due to the disaster. School uniforms will also be provided to learners that lost their uniforms during the disaster, R2,700 for girls, and R2 500 for boys.

How to apply for the food voucher?

The affected families can apply for the food voucher by submitting their contact details to their nearest municipality or social worker.

After you have submitted your details to the ward councillor or social worker, an assessment will be done, and your application will be processed. Once approved, the grant will be issued immediately.

The municipal assessment is necessary to ensure the SRD food voucher is allocated to the correct beneficiary in need, in KZN.

People without financial support can still apply for the normal SRD grants, designed to help them for three months.

How long will the affected receive the grant?

The grants will only run for a month as it is believed that things will normalise soon and for people that are still struggling to make ends meet, there is the SRD R350 that is still in progress.

You may want to read more on SASSA R350 Grant Payment Dates for April 2022 as they have been delayed.

For more information, you may contact SASSA on their toll-free number: 080 060 1011 or SASSA regional call centre: 033 846 3400.