How to Become a Dstv Accredited Installer in South Africa

Today you're going to learn how to become a Dstv accredited installer in your area.

Multichoice Dstv created an opportunity for many business owners to partner with them for installing and setting up satellite dishes and decoders.

You can do it full-time or part-time, as one of your passive income businesses or side hustles.

So if you want to become a certified Dstv installer agent, this guide is for you.

Let's dive right in.

What's Required to Become Accredited Installer?

You can partner with Dstv as a person (sole proprietary) or a company (legal entity) to offer installation services in your area.

Dstv will ensure you have the necessary training to offer quality and professional services to its clients across the country.

Not everyone can become a Dstv installer agent, that's why you would be required to comply with the following requirements:

  1. Provide installation services according to the Multichoice guidelines and standards.
  2. Employ at least one person in your Dstv installation team that had undergone the MultiChoice Level 1 Basic training.
  3. Have your installation equipment and tools and a bakkie (utility van)
  4. You must have a place of business with branding that complies with the Multichoice corporate identity and agree to operate in specific target markets.
  5. Complete at least 5 Dstv installations upon your training period and have a client's database with their testimonials of your services.
  6. Then complete the Multichoice vendor registration form.
  7. You'll be required to sign the agreement with Multichoice for offering their services in your area.
  8. Lastly, submit your accreditation application form.

Training & Courses

Before getting accredited, you must take some courses for formal Dstv training.

Visit and unlock your potential to become the advanced Dstv installer.

On the above-listed website, you'll find courses for your Multichoice training, from level 1 basic to level 3 advanced.

Taking the courses is compulsory before you could submit your application to become an accredited Dstv installer.

Once you're certified, you can then proceed to set up your Dstv business with the above-listed requirements.

Complete the Vendor Registration Process

To become a qualified Dstv accredited installer, you must be vendor registered with Multichoice. A directory of accredited installers across South Africa and the continent.

This process will help you get paid for the services rendered to the Dstv customers.

  • A tax clearance certificate
  • Company registration documents (CIPC / CIPRO) / ID (if sole proprietary)
  • A copy of an Invoice with your bank details;
  • A BEE certificate or a BEE affidavit;
  • An original letter of confirmation of the bank details
  • Company letterhead;

How to Apply for Accreditation?

If you have all the required information and documentation, it's now time to send your application for accreditation to Dstv.

Please download the accreditation application forms and ensure that all required fields have been checked and completed.

When you're happy with the form, please email it with all the required documents to [email protected] and wait for their response.

Please ensure the form is fully completed to avoid delays in your application process.