How to Collect the Special SASSA R350 Grant Payment

The South African Post Office announced earlier this month that they will no longer issue the special R350 grant payment from any of their branches.

Instead, they advised beneficiaries and new applicants to make use of the alternative payment methods offered by SASSA.

They stated that this move will alleviate the long ques that were seen at their various branches.  

If you are unsure of how or where to collect your R350, keep reading.

Excluding the SA Post Office, SASSA has alternative payment methods that they have made available for beneficiaries to consider for collecting their R350 grant.

Beneficiaries can choose any of the following methods to collect their special R350 grant:


Beneficiaries can access their R350 grant from any Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, or USave merchant.

New applicants are advised to add this as a payment option to their application and for those that have already applied, they can still go back and select the option to collect their R350 from the above-mentioned supermarkets.

You will have to wait for an SMS notification stating that your grant is ready for collection.

To prevent fraud, an ID and cell phone number will be required as prof when collecting the grant. So, you need to make sure that your cell phone number is valid, and that it belongs to you as a confirmation pin will be sent to the number you used when registering on the database.

Cash Send Services

This is the best option for people who do not have a bank account in their name. To access this payment method, you need a valid ID number and a registered cell phone number.

Bank Account

This is by far the safest, most convenient, and highly recommended method to receive your SASSA R350 grant.

To make use of this payment method, you will need to submit your banking detail and your payment will be paid directly into your bank account which you can withdraw from any ATM.

If you have already applied, you can always go back and update your payment method by visiting the site.

Alternativity, you can use the SASSA WhatsApp line (082 046 8553) to apply for the SRD R350 grant, retrieve your one-time pin to access forms and also check your application status.

Dates on when payments will be made have not been officially communicated. Beneficiaries are advised to expect the payments for the months they have been approved for.

Any queries should be directed to the SASSA call center on 0800 60 10 11.