Who knew that the social media platform you use daily can be used to make money? If you didn’t know, yes, you can monetise your content on Facebook.

    Facebook values its users and has introduced various ways that users may use to earn money. They have built monetisation tools to help users and organisation to generate meaningful, reliable revenue that’s sustainable over time.

    For this, one will have to meet the eligibility requirements. Your monetisation eligibility can be determined by various factors, Creator Studio gives a quick way to check your eligibility status. You can go to Facebook section in Creator Studio and then select the monetisation tab, then click overview.

    Following are the type of tools you can enable or use to earn money through Facebook, including things you can use Facebook for to make money:

    1. In-stream Ads

    In-stream ads allow video creators to earn money by including short videos or images in qualifying videos. Creators get paid for the video ads if the viewers watch the entire ad and continue watching the video.

    There are three types of in-stream ads that you can use in your videos: pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads. Pre-roll ads play before your actual video start, mid-roll plays during the video, and image ads are static image ads that are displayed under the content.

    You will have to check if your page is eligible for in-stream ads through the Creator Studio tab. If you are eligible, you may click set-up, agree to terms and conditions, set up your payment account, and submit your page for review.  

    Here are some of the eligibility factors for In-stream ads:

    • Have at least 10 000 followers on your page Not your profile.
    • Post videos in selected languages and countries.
    • Have previously received a minimum of 30 000 one-minute views on videos that are not less than one minute long.

    2. Facebook Stars

    You can earn money through live videos with stars. Facebook added a feature that allows content creators to earn money as fans can show appreciation to the creators by giving them stars. Viewers can buy the stars and send them via the comment section, making their comments stand out. Each star received amounts to 1 cent.

    To get started, you will have to enable the star function in Creator Studio on your profile. You will then set up your pay-out account to receive payment. Once all is set, you may start with scheduling your live videos and socializing.

    To increase your earnings, you will have to inform your viewers about how they can support you through stars.

    You can learn more about setting it all up and how you can make these work for you here: Get Started With Facebook Stars

    3. Facebook Marketing for Local Businesses

    Facebook marketing has been proven to be the best as compared to old school marketing strategies for most small businesses. You don’t have to have a business to be a Facebook marketer, instead, your marketing skill has to be on point.

    As a Facebook marketer in South Africa, you can earn about R5 000 to R10 000 per month, running Facebook ads for small businesses. To get started, you can approach business owners, this can be your friends and family or a list of your favourite restaurants, coffee shops, car mechanic, and hair salons, offering them your Facebook marketing services. It might be hard at first but, it is all worth giving a try.

    If you have experience and are confident with your work you may post your services on platforms such as Upwork, you will also see other Facebook marketers posting their services there.

    4. Facebook Manager

    You can build business brands through creating different posts on social media platforms such as Facebook working as page Manager. Not much work is required for this kind of work so one can charge R1 000 to R2 000 per page managed, giving you the advantage of managing up to 15 clients by yourself.

    Just like a Facebook marketer, you can approach the business you would like to work with and offer to manage their Facebook pages. You may also post your listing on Upwork. With good reviews and consistency in the quality of work, you can make a killing from this.

    5. Sell on Market Place

    Facebook has made it easier for business owners or anyone selling anything to market their goods on the platform for free through Market Place. It allows users to advertise by stating what they are selling and for how much. Users within the location and near can see the ad, making it easier for the seller to find a buyer.

    You may also sell and advertise your goods on groups that are within your region.

    6. Group Advertising

    There are a thousand of groups created on Facebook such as BrownSense with a huge following that allows anyone (depending on what you are advertising) to promote their services or goods for free. Such groups have made it easier for small businesses and any seller to get exposure, leading to more clients and growth for their business.

    7. Personal Facebook Account Advertising

    You may also run ads on your personal Facebook profile. Most celebrities and influencers use their profiles to do promotions for brands and businesses.

    This is something you can look into if you have a good following, and your Facebook engagement is good. You can be on the lookout for such campaigns and get yourself the coins.  

    The first step to succeeding in all of the above is to build your audience. You can achieve that by sharing a number of excellent posts, this can be interesting links, images, or updates. You will have to find your niche and stick to it as people like consistency.

    Your main objective should be to create a page that people may get to know, if they like your content they will stick around and develop trust, and ultimately, they will be comfortable with spending their money to support you if you are selling something.



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