Top digital marketing agencies in South Africa require a common set of skills from candidates in order to be successful.

    These agency skills will get you a high salary if you have experience with them and a related certification to complement the skill.

    Unemployment has reached the highest this year in South Africa and you can defeat that by focusing on the following in-demand agency skills.

    Let’s get started.

    1. Project Management

    Software developers and graphic designers don’t really enjoy interacting with clients all the time. They enjoy spending time coming up with new ideas for projects.

    The role of an IT Project Manager is very important for any project in the studio. A project manager mostly referred to as an “Account Manager / AM“, engage with clients to ensure developers and designers deliver quality service at all costs.

    They will guide your project to success. Without AMs, a project is like a headless chicken – really. IT Project Managers translate the client’s business rules into a working application or visual concept.

    2. Programming

    Digital agencies assist clients and other companies automate business processes with software.

    You’ll need to learn and have a programming language skill which you can obtain at a college/university or online.

    Focus on the following if you wish to find a job faster:

    • Java Developer – create and test computer applications using a special programming language called Java. Widely used by banking and other financial institutions in the country.
    • Php Developer – a server-side programming language used to develop applications and websites. They are sometimes classified as a web developer with a wide range of frameworks available within the Php community such as WordPress, Laravel and so on.
    • WordPress Developer – a platform used by millions of users in the world, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system mostly for blogging. It has created so many opportunities for developers in South Africa and become a career itself. It doesn’t just mean installing and customizing templates, it means developing themes and plugins for WordPress.

    3. Design

    A graphic designer in an agency would focus on creating visual concepts using computer software to communicate ideas and products with customers. When a company is designing a website or any other visually appealing concepts, a graphic designer is required for the job.

    Focus on learning the following software and get a job at an agency sooner than expected.

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe After effects

    4. Content Writing

    One of the most in-demand skills any agency in South Africa needs. The ability to write engaging content and community management on behalf of clients.

    You’ll be writing blog articles that are keyword and SEO rich, social media content, advertising and website content for clients.

    5. IT Support

    Most big companies in South Africa handle IT support in-house – even though some still outsource the services. You’ll help employees with software updates, creating and managing email accounts, and other technicalities.

    You’ll also be responsible for the business network infrastructure, which will require a minimum of diploma in computer engineering.



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