Journalist Salary in South Africa - How Much They Get Paid Per Month!

This guide is going to show how much do journalists make per month in South Africa, based on research.

You can definitely make a career from journalism.

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You'll learn about different journalist roles and their salaries based on experience and level of position in the company.

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What is the role of a journalist?

A job of a journalist is to research facts and information from various sources and serve that to an audience. The information can be presented in a form of print, broadcast, or online.

To qualify to become a journalist, you must love current events and affairs. You must also have the desire to write, influence good and knowledge.

With the above-mentioned skilled and talent, you'll absolutely succeed in the industry.

In other cases or agencies, you might be required to come up with a number of articles within a certain period.

You will definitely be required to work hard in order to become successful in journalism.

Here are the career paths you may choose to become a journalist:

  • Writers/Editors
  • Reporters
  • Photojournalists
  • News Anchor
  • Producer/Director-TV
  • News Producer
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Advertising Managers
  • Social Media

Your duties will include reporting as well.

Journalist Salary Per Month in South Africa

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To clear the air, journalist's salary varies greatly within the journalism industry.

According to a survey and research from Indeed and Jobspace, the average salary of a journalist per month is over R9 903.

A journalist makes between R76k - R378k annually. And again, the salary will vary based on experience.

To actually earn enough to live by, you will be required to have a degree in journalism, communications, or a similar field.

Include strong written and verbal skills in your CV/resume and you will secure yourself an interview instantly.