Established in 1999, Letsatsi Finance and Loan (LF) is a registered micro finance provider in South Africa.

    Letsatsi Finance Loans offer various types of services including personal loans, insurance and financial wellness.

    But we’re only covering personal loans in this article.

    Let’s get started.

    Why Choose Letsatsi Finance and Loan?

    The company has been helping people with personal loans for over 17 years in South Africa.

    LF loan services are very flexible and easily accessible.

    If you want small or large amount of money, Letsatsi Finance got you covered.


    Everyone faces financial challenges in their lifetime. When life throws unexpected expenses on your plate, worry no more because Letsatsi Finance has your back.

    Below are the types of loans you can apply for at Letsatsi Finance and Loan:

    1. One-Month Loan

    Self-explanatory service name. The one-month loan is designed for you, if you are in a hurry to get small to medium amount of money.

    You can apply for loans between R500.00 to R8 000.00. The best part? You can pay back the loan within one-month period.

    Use the money for household related expenses, vehicle repairs, education fees, medical emergency bills and many other significant things.

    2. Short term loans

    Want an affordable personal loan to pay back in multiple installments? Maybe your car broke down or your geyser burst, and you didn’t plan for the expense.

    Letsatsi Short term loans could be your answer.

    Get loans up to R8 000.00 payable in 2 to 6 months period. This service helps you manage your monthly cash flow with ease.

    You can use the money for anything you want. Pay for education fees, renovate your home, fix your car, pay for funeral arrangements and so on.

    3. long term loans

    Have you got a dream or big goals? Letsatsi Finance long term repayment option is tailored to make your dream a reality.

    Maybe you planned on having a dream wedding or extending your current home – then, long term loans is for you.

    You can qualify for personal loans up to R100 000.00. The loan is provided within flexible repayment terms of your choice.

    You can choose between 9, 13, 24- or 36-months repayment period.

    Spend the loan as you wish but responsibly.

    4. Debt consolidation loans

    By far the most significant loan service Letsatsi Finance has to offer. People are drowning in debt and don’t know how to escape those debts.

    Letsatsi Debt Consolidation is created for people like you. They will pay all your debt for a single affordable installment.

    You won’t battle anymore with your debit orders every month. You will certainly look forward to month when you take debt consolidation service.

    Letsatsi Finance will settle your debts up to R100 000.00, which you’d have to pay them back in 36 months – very flexible right?

    Want to know the best part?

    You can apply for the loan if you’re blacklisted.

    Consultants will perform necessary checks and calculate your affordability.

    What you need to apply

    To qualify for the loan, you must have the following:

    • Original SA ID
    • 2 months latest pay slips
    • 3 months latest bank statements
    • You need proof of residence, not older than 3 months

    You cannot apply for Letsatsi Finance loans when you just started a new job. You need to be permanently employed for at least 6 months.

    Find Letsatsi Finance branch

    Letsatsi Finance and Loan have branches in over 9 provinces.

    Customers can easily access any branches and get professional help.

    To find a branch, kindly call 0860 992 998 and speak to a consultant for more information.

    Otherwise you can apply online on



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