Loans 4 Africa Personal Loans are unique financial solutions for blacklisted people.

    Loans 4 Africa is a member of Finance Turtle Group. With over 22 years combined experience, they have the necessary knowledge about the blacklisted industry.

    Loans 4 Africa Personal Loans

    So, you’re blacklisted, and you need a personal loan? Loans 4 Africa is a loan broker – do you know what a loan broker is? A loan broker is a person or company that connects loan applications with multiple credit providers for a best loan deal. Loans 4 Africa will help you with a quick cash loan when no one else would. Getting a loan when you’re blacklisted is a mission, you don’t want to go through that time alone. With the use of online loan services such as Loans 4 Africa, you stand a good chance of securing a good loan. The company works with thousands of registered lenders to provide you with a consolidated loan solution. Loans 4 Africa personal loans are designed to suit your specific needs and financial expectations. The company gives hope to those who thought being blacklisted is the end of the world. You can still qualify for a loan for blacklisted with Loans 4 Africa. Look: Companies that work with Loans 4 Africa understand what it means to be blacklisted. They have enormous experience within the industry. You might have been blacklisted but doesn’t mean you can’t pay off your debt. Maybe you found a new job and want to clear your name. Loans 4 Africa help people regain credit ratings by granting them affordable and convenient personal loans.

    Getting your personal loan

    Applying for Loans 4 Africa personal loans is very easy and quick. The company only accept and process online loan applications. Get pre-approved today by completing the application form with your correct details. You will get an instant decision. When your application is approved, a consultant will be in touch with you to help with completion. Maybe for some reason, your application was declined, Loans 4 Africa will still give you free advise on how could improve your chances. A few documents will be required:

    • A copy of your South African ID
    • Proof of employment – most recent pay slips
    • Proof of banking – statements to which your salary is paid
    • Proof of residential address

    Loan Calculations

    Though there’s no disclosed amount you can apply for, it’s also great to understand other loan fees. Loans 4 Africa personal loans fees and interests charged are regulated the National Credit Act. Repayment terms depends on your credit ratings and the loan amount you want to apply for. Here’s the illustrative example:

    Loan amount:R16 500
    Term:60 months
    Initiation Fee:R1 140
    Services Fee:R57
    Total Instalment:R840.31

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