5 Best Loans Like Wonga In South Africa

Wonga is a well-known lender that offers affordable loans at the best possible interest rate.

However, affordable may never be enough for some people, hence they're always looking for loans like Wonga.

Instant loans similar to Wonga offer online services that allow you to compare rates and find your most suitable package.

Without wasting your time, let's dive right in.

The Best Loans Like Wonga Sites

  1. Wonga Loans - Amt. R4,000.00 | 56 Days (Or 2 Months) Repayment
  2. Capfin Loans - Amt. R8,000.00 | 6 Months Repayment
  3. Boodle Quick Loans - Amt. R4,000.00 | 32 Days Repayment
  4. Unifi Credit - Amt. R5,000.00 | 6 Months Repayment
  5. Cobol - Amt. R5,000.00 | 6 Months Repayment

What Do They Offer?

Loans like Wonga offer small quick loans for much-needed cash relief.

You'll get access to short-term and payday loans designed to help with a cash advance when you need it urgently.

The only difference between loans similar to Wonga is the interest rate and repayment terms offered.

Maybe you just wanted money to cover your cost of living until your next payday - payday loans like Wonga are worth comparing and considering.

Interest rates are offered based on your individual credit profile. And these are unsecured loans, so there'll be no collateral needed to secure the loan.

Want to know the best part?

All of these lenders offer the simplest online application process in the world.

You'll be able to apply for urgent cash anytime, anywhere, at the comfort of your own space.

And you'll get an instant decision whether you qualify for the loan you want or there are other options you can go for.

Qualifying For Loans Like Wonga

As mentioned above, lenders will only give you a loan when they feel you'll be comfortable to pay it back.

So, your credit rating is everything because lenders will know how good you are with paying debt and other personal loans.

All they need to see is your income and how you spend it. This information will help them understand and determine your affordability.

And a customized interest rate and the loan amount will be offered to you if you didn't qualify for the amount you initially wanted.

Unfortunately, if you don't have a good credit history, you won't easily qualify for loans like Wonga in South Africa.