5 Ways To Make Money From Home In South Africa

A lot of people lost their income-jobs in South Africa during the Covid19 pandemic lockdown.

And the country reached the highest unemployment rate in 2020, meaning more people, especially young people aren't getting income every month.

The situation encourages people to start their own small businesses in order to overcome poverty and making money.

Today, I want to share with you the best ways to make money from home (while locked down) in South Africa.

Let's get started.

What It Means "Working from Home"

A lot of the working people are working from home, conducting online meetings, and so forth.

However, that's not what we're discussing today, we look at the creative ways of making money working from home.

And working hard, you could make between R6500 to R11,000.00 per month with these profitable ways of making money fast.

Just a quick note, you must avoid the get-rich-quick schemes because they'll take your money and you won't get any profit.

These different ideas of working from home will first become your side businesses. And you'll decide to expand the businesses later on depending on your passion and commission made.

Profitable Ideas To You Making Money From Home

1. Paid Surveys

Get paid to share your honest thoughts and opinions on paid surveys websites in South Africa.

So, instead of spending hours on social media, you could actually participate in paid surveys to make money from home.

Try the following legit websites that actually pay people for participating in online surveys.

Check the testimonials for each platform.

They work a lot with MultiChoice, helping Dstv determine what people love to watch in Africa.

2. Start a Blog

The best way to make money online in South Africa is by blogging.

You don't even need technical skills to get started with your blog.

All you need is quality content ideas you'd like to share and add value to your blog readers.

In the beginning, you'll be required to put in a lot of work until your blog picks up traffic, and then you can monetize.

I would suggest you use Google Adsense for the ad network because it pays way better than the South African affiliate brokers.

3. Become a Writer

After successfully creating your blog and gaining loyal readers, that proves you can write influential content.

You can start advertising your writing services to other businesses.

A lot of companies are always looking for freelance, affordable writers to assist with social media content writing.

Also, sign up for Fiverr and start getting freelance jobs from around the world.

So, this is another great opportunity to earn money while working from home.

4. Bolt Driver

Another awesome opportunity to make money fast with your own vehicle.

If you have a car - a sedan that's just parked during the lockdown period. You could basically sign it up on Bolt or Uber and start earning income.

You could make up to R9,500.00 per month with e-hailing in South Africa.

5. Social Media Promoter

Do you have a lot of following, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Have you ever heard of social media influencers and how they actually make money online?

They promote brands and get paid - equivalent to advertising.

You could start promoting brands and company services on your social media pages in return for paid advertising.