Mama Money is a money transfer service licensed with the South African Reserve Bank.

    If you ever want to send money to family members and friends, Mama Money transfer might be worth considering.

    They only charge you the lowest 5% interest per transaction you make.

    Isn’t that cool? Of course, it is.


    Let’s find out more about Mama Money

    Mama is a technology company that is driven by social business ethics – the first Africa’s cashless money transfer operator.

    Mama Money provide services that people really needs.

    The idea of Mama Money came about after realizing most people out there usually send money to their mothers (mamas) – hence the name.

    Along founding the company, the owners used to work for big companies abroad. They found that sending money home is unexpectedly expensive than anticipated.

    Mama money transfer offers affordability and convenience to people who needs to send money back home.

    The Goal:

    Mama’s goal is to bring down the cost of sending money home – you won’t get that anywhere else.

    How does work?

    Mama has partnered with trusted retailers to make transferring of money easy. You can now send money at the following stores:

    • Ackermans
    • Boxer
    • Checkers
    • Pep
    • Pick n Pay
    • Shoprite
    • Spar
    • Top it up
    • Shoprite USave

    Each of the stores listed above have various branches across the country. You can access any of these stores to send money at the lowest rate.

    Alternatively; you can find Mama Money agents near you using this link.

    Here’s how you can send money:

    • First; you need to register your account on the website
    • Then create an order number with the recipient’s name – you only do this once
    • Choose the amount you want to send
    • Head over to any of the above stores
    • Present the voucher number and money you want send to the teller
    • And that’s it.

    How do you collect money?

    It’s easy:

    Each country has a different way of receiving money from abroad. Please visit Mama Money website for more information on how to collect money.

    Should you have any question, please direct your calls to 021 202 5420.

    Alternatively visit Mama’s website for more detailed information.



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