As South Africans grapple with the problem of loadshedding, many are turning to alternative energy sources. To address this growing demand for renewable energy and environmental consciousness, Massmart has partnered with Retail Credit Solutions (RCS) to provide its customers with a solar energy funding solution.

    The Solar Funding Scheme is an ambitious initiative by Massmart, one of the leading retail groups in South Africa, aimed at promoting solar power adoption by offering accessible funding options across its Makro, Game, and Builders stores.

    By leveraging the sun’s power, Massmart hopes to create a more sustainable future for businesses and consumers alike while also promoting greener practices.

    This move is part of a larger trend towards more environmentally friendly practices and highlights the importance of investing in renewable energy sources for a better tomorrow.

    Harnessing Solar Energy

    Solar power is a promising and environmentally-friendly source of energy that has the potential to revolutionize electricity generation.

    Photovoltaic cells make up solar panels, which transform sunlight into electricity, creating a renewable alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based energy sources.

    Using solar-powered systems can help individuals and businesses reduce their reliance on conventional power grids, decrease their carbon footprint, and contribute to a cleaner environment.

    The Role of Massmart

    As an influential player in the South African retail industry, Massmart understands its responsibility to promote sustainable practices. The Solar Funding Scheme is one way in which the company is taking action towards achieving this goal.

    By making solar energy more accessible and affordable for customers, Massmart aims to empower them to embrace renewable energy solutions for their homes and businesses.

    Participating Stores

    The Solar Funding Scheme is available at three of Massmart’s major retail chains: Makro, Game, and Builders.

    These stores have a wide reach throughout South Africa and cater to a diverse range of consumers from Makro customers looking to power their households to small business owners shopping at Builders.

    How Massmart Solar Funding Scheme Works

    The retail group has come up with a funding solution that offers loans up to R250 000, which can be obtained through a hassle-free application process and is disbursed within 24 hours.

    Furthermore, the customers can choose from a range of flexible payment plans with fixed monthly repayments that are customized to their monthly expense budget.

    The repayment period can be extended from 12 to 60 months, allowing the customers to manage their finances better.

    To find out more about the application process, please visit:

    The scheme works by providing customers with an opportunity to install solar-powered systems without having upfront costs weighing them down.

    Interested customers can consult with solar energy experts at participating stores who will assess their energy requirements as well as evaluate their property’s potential for solar power usage before recommending suitable solutions.

    Once the customer’s needs are assessed, information on financing options available through the Solar Funding Scheme will be provided by the experts.

    These options may include favourable loan arrangements or flexible payment plans that best suit each customer’s unique situation.

    Certified professionals will then install the selected system using only reputable suppliers involved in supplying high-quality products and services ensuring optimal performance of the newly installed system. Maintenance, as well as monitoring services, may also be offered by Massmart.

    Application Requirements

    In order to meet the eligibility criteria for the loan, there are certain requirements that you must fulfill.

    Firstly, you need to be at least 18 years of age. Additionally, you should have a legitimate South African bank account and a valid SA ID or Driver’s Licence.

    It is also mandatory that you are employed and earns a minimum of R2,000 per month. Finally, you will be asked to provide documentary evidence of your income.

    Benefits of Massmart Solar Funding Scheme

    The Massmart Solar Funding Scheme brings several benefits to customers, the environment, and the wider community:

    • Cost Savings: By generating their electricity, customers can reduce their monthly energy bills, leading to long-term cost savings. The Solar Funding Scheme helps overcome the initial financial barrier, making solar energy affordable and economically viable.
    • Environmental Impact: Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that produces no harmful emissions or pollution. By switching to solar power, customers can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.
    • Energy Independence: Solar energy systems provide customers with a degree of energy independence by reducing their reliance on traditional power grids. This independence becomes particularly valuable during power outages or instances of loadshedding, ensuring a continuous power supply.
    • Job Creation: The Solar Funding Scheme stimulates economic growth by supporting the solar energy industry. The increased demand for solar systems leads to job creation, benefiting local installers, suppliers, and manufacturers.

    Makro, Game, and Builders represent a significant step toward promoting sustainable energy practices and empowering customers to embrace renewable energy solutions.

    By offering accessible financing options and partnering with reputable suppliers and installers, Massmart aims to make solar energy systems more attainable for a wide range of consumers.

    The long-term benefits of the Solar Funding Scheme extend beyond individual customers. As more households and businesses transition to solar power, the demand for renewable energy technologies increases, driving innovation and advancements in the solar industry.

    This growth, in turn, leads to job creation and economic development within the renewable energy sector, benefiting local communities.

    Furthermore, the adoption of solar energy systems aligns with the South African government’s renewable energy goals. The country has set ambitious targets for increasing renewable energy capacity to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and combat climate change.

    Massmart’s Solar Funding Scheme contributes to these objectives by encouraging the widespread adoption of solar power and reducing carbon emissions.

    In conclusion, Massmart’s Solar Funding Scheme at Makro, Game, and Builders represents a commendable effort to promote sustainable energy practices and make solar energy more accessible to consumers.

    By providing financing options and collaborating with reputable suppliers, Massmart empowers customers to embrace renewable energy solutions, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

    As the scheme continues to expand, it is expected to have a significant positive impact on both individuals and the broader community, driving the adoption of solar energy and fostering economic growth in the renewable energy sector.



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