Moonlight Finance Loans Reviews & Contact Number

Moonlight Finance Loans offer affordable cash loans you can pay back within flexible terms. From student to consolidation loans, MFL has a solution for you.

Moonlight Finance Loans is a registered microlender in South Africa.

Are you seriously seeking a cash loan? Moonlight is worth considering.

Moonlight operates under strict compliance with the National Credit Regulator. They offer quite several benefits with their cash loan products.

About Moonlight Finance

Established to address common short term financial emergencies, Moonlight Finance has helped over 950 000 customer with unsecured loans since inception in business.

They aim at providing convenience - affordable cash loans to the people in South Africa.

Not only that...

... They're the most preferred credit provider in the country. Many people have partnered with Moonlight in the journey to making their dreams come true.

Want to know the best part:

They will give you excellent support in your loan application. They have friendly consultant that guides you through the process so that you can in-turn make the right decision.


Moonlight Finance Loans

Good question.

They offer various types of finance solution to accommodate anyone that needs financial aid.

Whether you're a student or want to consolidate your debts, then you've come to the right place.

Let us now try figure out why you'd want a loan - in the first place.

Many people take up loans for common purposes. Maybe you've just run short of money to attend unexpected financial emergencies.

Or you basically want to pay for medical or legal bills.

Or rather pay for children education, and/or spoil yourself in festive season.

The list just goes on...

What's the bottom line?

We all go through tough months sometimes in life. We find ourselves in need of extra hand with finance in terms of quick loans.

Okay. Now you might be wondering:

I need a loan; how much can I apply for?

1. Student Loans - A personal loan designed just for the use of education. You can pay for your children's education, your study fees and anything relative to being a student.

2. Personal Loans - The most popular loan package in South Africa. With the cost of living going up rapidly, many people tend to fall on personal loans in order to survive the months. The application process to Moonlight Finance Loans is convenient and personalised for your needs.

3. Building Loans - Want to build your dream home? Or rather renovate your existing beautiful home? Moonlight Finance can help fund your project today.

4. Consolidation Loans - Pay an affordable monthly installment when you consolidate your debts into one long term one. These loans are very important when you feel overwhelmed with debts. Centralise them and pay what you can afford. Simple.

Moonlight Finance Loans also offer General Loans which you can use to spoil yourself, buy a gift for someone or handle unforeseen financial circumstances.

What do you need to apply for the loans?

As mentioned above, Moonlight Finance Loans operates under compliance with the NCR. The organisation encourages credit providers to request certain documents before proceeding with loan applications.

You need to meet the following criteria for your loan to get processed:

  • Original ID
  • Two months latest pay slips
  • Three months stamped bank statements

Moonlight Contact

Located in Cape Town, you can direct all your queries to 086 233 2379for more information.

Don't get them wrong:

They provide loans to anyone, if you provide necessary documents.