So, you’re tired of standing in long queues trying to pay for your Dstv subscription this month?

    You can avoid those long queues, there are better and more convenient ways for paying your Dstv. From today, you’ll never have to leave your home just to pay for your Dstv account.

    Use any of the following useful Dstv payment methods that’ll make your life easy.

    You can pay for Dstv account online, on your banking app, and many other options we’re listing below.

    Pay via Debit Order

    Debit order payment is the easiest and most reliable way of paying for an account in South Africa.

    You can pay for your Dstv subscription via debit order so you’re always up to date with your payments.

    This method will help you do other important things than worrying about your tv shows been cut off – very convenient.

    Setup debit order for your monthly Dstv subscriptions online via self-service. if you bank with any of the top 5 major banks, then use this service to manage your Dstv debit orders.

    Pay via Capitec Bank

    Banking with Capitec, you can make instant Dstv Payment. Follow these steps to pay for Dstv with Capitec.

    Once you have Dstv set up as a beneficiary in your Capitec account, you can pay Dstv on Capitec App or internet banking.

    The best part?

    Dstv receives your subscription payment immediately and you can enjoy your shows and series.

    Pay Online With FNB

    Top up your BoxOffice account or pay for Dstv account without leaving your television shows and comfortable couch.

    You have full control over your spending. You can choose to pay the full amount or make partial payments.

    Pay for Dstv with the FNB banking app, online banking, and cellphone banking.

    Check out “DStv payments made easy with FNB” for more detailed information and step-by-step instructions on how you can pay for Dstv with South Africa’s leading bank.

    Pay Dstv Standard Bank

    Same as setting up payments for Dstv with Capitec, you need to add Dstv as a beneficiary.

    But paying Dstv with Standard Bank, you need to choose MultiChoice as beneficiary.

    Start paying for your Dstv subscriptions where ever and whenever you want.

    You can also set up recurring payments or debit orders to avoid missing payments.

    For more detailed information, check out Standard Bank’s self-service page to manage all your accounts.

    Pay Dstv at Nedbank

    Using the Nedbank My eBills system, you can instantly pay for your Dstv subscription and BoxOffice.

    Pay for accounts in 3 easy steps i.e login -> subscribe -> pay.

    My eBillz is the quickest way of paying Dstv account.

    Pay at Supermarkets

    Save time and pay for Dstv monthly subscriptions while shopping at any of the following supermarkets: Pep, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Ackermans, Spar, and Checkers.

    Simply go to the money market and pay for your Dstv account using your unique customer number or ID.

    Apart from the above-listed top supermarkets, you can pay at any of your local stores that have Flash or Kazang point of sale devices.

    Dstv Packages & Prices 2022

    Here’s a complete list of the Dstv pricing package for 2022.

    • DStv Premium: R839.00 pm
    • DStv Compact: R549.00 pm
    • DStv Compact: R409.00 pm
    • DStv Family: R309.00 pm
    • DStv Access: R120.00 pm
    • DStv Easyview: R29.00 pm

    How to Check Dstv Balance with ID Number

    It’s simple to check your Dstv balance for the month using an ID number.

    Simply dial *120*68584# and follow the prompts to check your balance. Your ID number will be required to verify the account ownership.

    Or call 083 900 3788 or 011 289 2222, you’ll be asked to enter your ID number to verify the account, so the system doesn’t share information with anyone else. It’s an automated call, you’ll not be talking to any agent or call centre, instead, you’ll get all the information you need after verifying your account.

    Alternative, which is by far the most used and convenient way to check for Dstv balances. Simply set up your account on the Dstv app and manage activities there such as monthly balances and payment statements.



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