Wouldn’t you want to estimate your monthly installment with personal loan calculators before applying for finance?

    Of course, you would.

    Today, we’re going to list the top 10 finance loan calculators popular used in South Africa.

    But before I dive right into the list, let’s quickly have a look at why people use these calculators.

    Why use Personal loan calculators

    These calculators are very useful when it comes to personal loan applications.

    People often use them before getting into any kind of credit agreement with credit providers.

    They’re easy to use and understand. Finance calculators estimate the closest if not accurate amount for a loan application.

    With personal loan calculators, you would know how much it costs to get a loan upfront.

    You would know your total repayment, the interest rate charged, monthly installment, etc. Other calculators give you more information than others.

    Now, here they are.

    These calculators are easy to use and understand. They’re designed for consumers of all ages with the goal of helping them manage expenses with ease.

    Here’s a complete list of calculators we’ve found useful in the credit/financial industry in 2020.

    1. Standard Bank Loan Calculator

    Easy and simple to use loan calculator by Standard Bank. Enter the required information and get the estimated monthly repayments on your loan amount.

    2. Nedbank Loan Calculator

    The simplest calculator there is on the internet. No complications whatsoever. Simply input the loan amount you’d like to borrow, and Nedbank will do the rest for you. You’ll also have access to the Nedbank loan consolidation calculator.

    3. Absa Loan Calculator

    The Absa loan calculator page gives you the opportunity to calculate your personal, overdraft, and revolving credit loans. You can even explore and compare other financial products they provide.

    4. CoMoney Loan Calculator

    Our very own, easy-to-use personal loan calculator is specifically designed to estimate loan costs.

    Loading loan calculator...

    This calculator will help you make the right financial decisions before considering the so-called affordable personal loans.

    You’ll know everything about the cost of your loan, excluding what the banks will charge you separately such as monthly admin and initiation fees.

    5. DirectAxis Loan Calculator

    Want to know what the monthly repayment could be on the loan amount you need? Simply choose the amount and terms you wish for and Direct Axis will do the calculations for you – Quickly.

    6. Wesbank Loan Calculator

    A leader in vehicle finance, Wesbank also offers personal loans. Use their loan calculator and choose a convenient repayment term of up to 6 years.

    7. Capitec Bank Loan Calculator

    How much credit do you qualify for? The Capitec calculator helps you determine fees when you can qualify for a loan up to R250 000. Capitec Bank loans are offered at the best possible interest rates.

    8. FNB Personal Loan

    Quickly calculate your affordability with the FNB personal loan calculators. Whether it’s for a bond, vehicle, and personal, the company got you covered. FNB is a leading innovative bank in South Africa. You can trust their technology is advanced.

    9. Old Mutual Loan Repayment Calculator

    It helps you plan for unexpected and unavoidable expenses. The calculator will determine the interests, fees, and include credit insurance in the results for free.

    10. Capfin Loan Calculator

    See your monthly installment with the Capfin loan calculator. Choose an amount up to R50 000, repayment terms and you will know how much your expenses would be, instantly. Very cool. Capfin is popular for offering short term loans in South Africa.

    11. Bayport Budget Calculator

    Determine your total earnings versus expenses in an average month with the budget calculator by Bayport Finance. It also helps you understand your money so that you can cut your unforeseen expenses. Save more.

    12. Wonga Loan Calculator

    Wonga loan calculator is an easy-to-use tool that’ll quickly get you started with your loan application. You can qualify for Wonga loans up to R4 000 at customized rates. You’ll know exactly how much is your installments, what interest rate & fees, and finally, the day of the debit order.

    Want to know the best part?

    Each of the above-listed personal loan calculators is free to use.

    They were created to help customers like you better manage your finances with ease.



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