Pick n Pay Money Transfer: Benefits, Limits & Transfer Costs

Pick n Pay Money Transfer is the most convenient way of sending money to loved ones anywhere in South Africa.

The best part?

I'm going to show you how money transfer works and what limitations do you have.

Basically: You'll know how much it'll cost you to send money at Pick n Pay store.

Let's get started.

How Does It Work

The money transfer is quick and easy. Safe and secure.

There's nothing more frustrating than sending money to people in remote areas - especially when they don't use bank systems so much.

Pick n Pay money transfer limits you to send a maximum of R5,000.00 per day for a flat R9.90 fee. Your monthly limit is set for R15,000.00.

As compared to wire transfer charges by the banking institutions, I'm pretty sure you'll choose the Pick n Pay money transfer. Even the most popular eWallet by FNB is R2 more than what Pick n Pay charges for the transfer.

The money facility is the cheapest method of sending money to family and friends all over the country.

Some of the benefits of using the money transfer at Pick n Pay include:

  • Register once only at the Money Transfer Kiosk
  • Securely linked to your smart shopper card
  • Send and receive money at any Pick n Pay till a point
  • Transferred money available instantly

You must be wandering: How does it work?

How To Register & Transfer Money

First, you must register at the Money Transfer Kiosk at any Pick n Pay Supermarket or Hypermarket.

Present your ID book, Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Card and cellphone number to the cashier.

The best part?

You only need to register once. A cashier will help you with the registration process.

Start sending money.

Here's how you can transfer money at Pick n Pay:


Tell the Pick n Pay cashier at the Kiosk, how much you would like to send.

They will ask for your Smart Shopper Card to help you gain more points. Because the card is linked to your profile, the cashier will swipe the card and ask you to confirm the cellphone number you're sending money to.

Pay the amount you want to send and the service fee (R9.90) and get the receipt. You'll receive an SMS with the voucher number or the Pick n Pay money transfer code.

That's it.

Give the money code to the person supposed to collect the money - ONLY.

Pick n Pay Cash Withdrawal

Collecting money from the Pick n Pay money transfer is simple.

Provide your voucher number or money code to any till point at the Pick n Pay store.

The cashier will give the person allocated money as per the transaction reference.

Withdrawals are free.

For more information about the Pick n Pay Money Transfer, please visit www.picknpay.co.za and read more.

Pick n Pay has branches across the country. You are more than welcome to visit any of the branches for face to face interaction.