Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Card - Points - Discounts & Instant Savings

Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Card is South Africa's leading loyalty programmer with gerat benefits and personalised savings.

Pick n Pay Smart Shopper is a loyalty programme that rewards customers for shopping at the store.

Shop with benefits with the Pick n Pay loyalty programme and save money while you shop anyway.


Let me show exactly you must always shop at Pick n Pay.

Why Join the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper?

Pick n Pay offers great benefits and savings for customers shopping at the store. You'll be rewarded for shopping with the smart shopper card.

Earn Loyalty Points

Swipe your smart shopper card for anything you buy in Pick n Pay and earn a point. The more you swipe your card, the more points you accumulate.

And the point system is easy to understand.

You'll earn 1 point for every R2 you spent at Pick n Pay. Your points will at the end of the day be equal to money.

You can spend the points on anything you like at Pick n Pay.

The best part?

The points will save you money in the near future.

Get Personalised Discounts

Say you like to buy certain products at Pick n Pay and swipes your smart shopper card right?

Pick n Pay will give you customised discounts based on the products you like the most.

You can claim your personalised discounts at the store, using the Pick n Pay mobile app or weekly mailer.

Here's how you can claim:

# Mobile app

# Email

# In-store

Register for Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Card

The smart shopper card isn't like those cards that require banking statements and so on.

It's not a credit card, though Pick n Pay offer credit, the smart shopper is basically for loyal customers.

Everyone qualifies for the smart shopper, all you need to do is shop at Pick n Pay.

You can download the Pick n Pay app and apply there. Apply at the store using the smart shopper kiosk. And finally online.

For more information about the Pick n Pay smart shopper card, visit www.pnp.co.za and read more.