Here’s what PSL referees get paid per game. The PSL referee salary differs by the league. The NFD official gets paid less than the Premier League referee.

    Do you want to know how much the Premier League (PSL) and National First Division (NFD) officials/referees earn per month?

    You’re not alone.

    It’s always interesting to read about how much money soccer players get paid each month.

    Though some of it doesn’t seem so real – but we are not going to discuss that today.

    Let’s have a look at the PSL referee salaries.

    What PSL Referee Get Paid?

    Without further ado, here’s how much PSL pays referees per game:

    • Referee: R6,100.00
    • Assistants: R4,700.00

    They get paid the same salary for both the league and cup matches.

    The league also covers traveling costs for match officials on the day.

    So, let’s do simple calculations – shall we.

    If a referee officiates 4 games in a month, they’ll get approximately R24,400.00 and assistants would take home R18,800.00. However, officials might get up to 12 matches in a month which can go up to R73,200.00 per month.

    And, the First Division officials earn R3,809.38 each month before tax while their assistants also take R2,515.63 per match.

    Match commissioners in the premier league will now be rewarded with R4,056.25 for each match while those handling the NFD take R3,987.50 before tax.

    What’s needed to become a referee?

    Are you considering becoming a referee for a part-time job? You know some of the officials in the premier league are educators/teachers, policemen, doctors and so on.

    Here’s what the South African Football Association wants for you to qualify to become a referee.

    You must join the Local Football Association in your area.

    Reading and writing are compulsory.

    Good understanding of English and the Laws of the soccer game.

    Once you have joined and meet the above criteria, you’ll be required to take competency assessments.

    Officials have to take fitness tests.



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