The R700 SASSA Grant is FAKE!

SASSA warns people against the circulating social media post that claims the agency has made available the R700 social grant.

On their Twitter page, SASSA says the advert is fake and does not come from the organisation.

"Please note that the below advert is fake and does not come from Sassa. No additional grant type is offered apart from the ones announced by Sassa," said the agency.

People scammers know this is the end of the R350 SRD grants and are willing to go beyond the means to defraud unsuspecting citizens.

In fact, when I received the link via WhatsApp, I thought this was a legit post from the social security agency. I thought they were rolling out another social relief grant to assist people who are not financially supported in South Africa.

Little did I know that this is all FAKE!

After looking on the internet and finding the SASSA announced a warning against this post, I realized I could have easily been scammed.

When you get this link to apply for the R700 social grant, please run and don't look back. You'll also notice the link in the post doesn't go to the SASSA website, but to another untrusted link.