Reasons Why Your R350 Application Declined Explained

Wondering why your Covid-19 R350 SRD reapplication was declined?

Here's a complete list of the possible reasons why your grant application was declined, to help you understand.

It can be frustrating when you haven't received your confirmation SMS, yet are still not sure why the application was declined.

  1. Alternative income source: You've had funds flowing into and out of your bank account recently that were higher than the minimum threshold for the qualification criteria.
  2. Identity verification failed: Your personal details do not match the details provided by the Department of Home Affairs.
  3. Existing SASSA grant: You were a client of the SASSA grant during the application process.
  4. NSFAS registered: You are/were registered with NSFAS during the period of the application. Beneficiaries of NSFAS do not qualify for the special R350 grant.
  5. UIF registered: The system picked up you received a payout from UIF during the period under consideration.

You're welcome to dispute any of the above-mentioned reasons on the SRD Appeals website.

The Appeal Process Resume Next Week June 27

Please login to the SRD website and proceed with your R350 grant appeal application.

SASSA announced the process will resume next week for applicants who were declined. Fix your issues and start benefiting from the relief grant.