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Sanlam loans can help you take control of your monthly budget and expenses.

Sanlam offer fixed monthly payments and flexible repayment terms of your choice. Most of the time, if your loan is successful, money will quickly be available to you instantly.

The best part?

It's unsecured loans, there's no need to pledge any collateral to secure the Sanlam personal loan.

Before you begin your loan application, let's get started by understanding the benefits of taking a loan with Sanlam.

Sanlam Personal Loans Benefits

Sanlam allows you to borrow personal cash loans from R5 000 up to R200 000 in increments of R1 000. Sanlam loans are provided within flexible repayment terms from twenty-four (24) months up to six (6) years.

Qualifying applicants will get a fixed competitive interest rate for the period of the loan term. These would depend on your credit history and monthly income since they're unsecured credit solutions.

Sanlam knows you'll meet your obligations and make the monthly payments. Sanlam personal loans are designed to help with your expenses.

They offer a quick and simple online application process. Sanlam will perform necessary credit checks to avoid recklessly lending money to consumers - it's against the National Credit Act.

Based on your credit profile, Sanlam will know exactly how much you qualify for and you'll get just that. Once your application is complete, you can use the money for anything you wish for.

Spend Wisely! Use the money to invest in your future and advance your lifestyle.

Sanlam Loans Calculator

Calculate the total cost of your loan, including the fees charged, rates and monthly repayment installments.

Checkout the Sanlam loans calculator here.

Always calculate the costs of a loan before signing the papers. This will ensure you can afford the amount you want to take.

Save time and use our loan calculator tool to estimate loan costs.

It's easy to use, simply enter the loan amount, interest rate and repayment terms to calculate repayment.

It's that simple.

Sanlam Loans Requiments

When applying for a loan you will need to provide the following:

  • A copy of your green barcoded ID book or Smart ID card
  • Your last 3 months’ consecutive payslips or bank statements
  • Your bank account details into which your salary is paid

Sanlam Contact Details

Get free advice and more information about personal loans, please speak to a financial consultant by call 0861 44 00 44.

You can also visit their website at to read more information. You can also use online communication tools to keep in touch with Sanlam as well as making applications.

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