Looking for an easy and convenient method of sending money to family members? Shoprite Money Transfer facility gives you the ability to send money with ease without hassles.

    With Shoprite stores all over the country, you can access any of your nearest stores to transfer and receive money.


    Shoprite is the largest retail company in South Africa and a registered Financial Services Provider. Many of their customers use the Money Transfer to send money to family and friends.

    Shoprite Money Transfer – The Benefits & Features

    The transfer facility with it’s full convenience, gives individuals the ability to send money up to R5 000 a day and R25 000 per month. There are no crazy bank charges for withdrawal, it’s free to collect money at any of the Shoprite tellers.

    The facility only charges you a service fee of R9,99 per transaction. For example, you can basically send R5 000 for only R10, it’s this better than the bank.

    How do I then send money?

    • Visit any of the Shoprite stores in South Africa and Lesotho
    • Go to the kiosk or money market section or any till point
    • Tell the cashier you want to send money through Money Transfer facility
    • Give the cashier your ID as well as the amount you want to send, don’t forget the R9,99 service fee, the phone number of the recipient and the four-digit pin.
    • A voucher will be sent to the receiver instantly which you will need to give the pin

    Really? Without banking accounts?

    Yes, there’s no need to open a banking account in order to use the service, the terminology is known as mobile banking. After all, an account is as unique as a cell phone number right?

    Collect money easily at Shoprite

    • Go to any till or Money Market counter at your nearest Shoprite with your ID book.
    • Give the money transfer number to the cashier and enter your secret PIN.
    • You will get the money immediately.

    Shoprite Contact Information

    To learn more about the money transfer service, visit the website at www.shoprite.co.za and read more. Otherwise you can always visit any of the Shoprite stores for face-to-face interactions.



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